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Feeling panicky-part two

Went for the MR scan yesterday armed with everybodys excellent advice and good wishes.

There was an hours delay on the scans.Didn't feel too bad even when they put a cannula in my hand.Had to wait in my cubicle for another 30 mins until it was my turn.I told them I had RA.

The problems started when I was asked to kneel on the table and lie face down as the scan was on my breasts.I haven't been able to kneel for a few years now and can't take my weight on my wrists either.The nurse said just to do my best.The table looked like Everest to me.

I shuffled and manoeuvered into position.I felt like a beached whale.I couldn't have headphones because my head had to be facing sideways so I could breathe.

I'm so glad I posted a question on the site as I really needed all the help to stop me panicking.I was in the machine for 30mins.No-one spoke to me other than to say they were putting the dye through.It seemed like forever.

When I was finally released from the tube I couldn't move.I had to force my elbows underneath me to try and lift from the table.I finally sat upright.The nurse was standing next to the table.I had to ask her to help me down.

I survived the scan but felt so helpless.It made me realise what limitations RA puts on us.Am really sore all over today.I'm no spring chicken but it did make me wonder how the elderley cope when they have to undergo these procedures.

Just hope I don't have to go for another one any time

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Oh Dear,

Dreadful experience. My Mris were not on breasts so not in that position, feel bad for you. Its done now and hopefully they will get good information from it. Was a mammogram no use?

Its over now, I bet your glad:)

Kind Regards, Gina.

Ps. Sorry sort of knew some hospitals might not talk during mri sos.


Glad you have got it out of the way. You should have told them you couldn't get on it,its their responsibility to ensure you were comfortable and they should have explained what they were doing.

Lets hope you get some answers from it.

Sylvi. xx


Well done on getting through it.. we all have had scans lying on our backs( well I did!) x


I think it was all a bit of a shock cos I never thought I would have to lie on my tummy. I did tell the nurse I had RA but don't think she quite grasped what the problem was.

Suppose I should have thought it through more.

Anyway it's done now thank goodness.I've received an appt at my local hospital for next Tuesday so I'm hoping to find out the results then.

Thanks again everybody for your support xx


Sorry about your ordeal x let's hope you get the results you want x thinking off you X

Julie x


When I had to have an MRI scan, I was lying on my back so they could get at my shoulder. I totally freaked out and they had to get me off it quickly. Felt such a fool but can't bear tight spaces and the roof of the scanner was about an inch above my nose and felt really trapped. So consultant had to think of another way so had an ultra sound scan and x ray done instead. I must admit trying to climb onto the table was a nightmare even with a stool provided but at least the technician was very helpful and did her best to keep me steady as I climbed up and also helped me get off again.

Glad you are through it now - hope you get some good results.

Going to put the heating back on - it went off at 9 and house is cold what with the wind and the dropping temperatures.

LavendarLady x


I had a nigtmare MRI scan. When my hands were being scanned I had to lie on my front with arms over my head for half an hour. Just getting up on there was bad as knees were so painful and then I had to put weight on them to lie flat. The pain in my shoulders was excruiating ( can't spell it sorry) and I was in tears at the end. my hubby had to lift me up into a sitting position and help me down offf the machine and I felt so embarrrassed. Same kind of ordeal with knees too.hope I don't have to have another one any time soon. Hope you're ok now. Xx


OMG!! That is the most bizarre story of an MRI! Afraid I have never heard of that position for an MRI of breasts. There is no way in hades I could ever get up on knees, , or put weight on my wrists NOT!! My knees are made of titanium and are not to be knelt on, not even in Church! Wonder if there are other provisions for such problems. You managed very well.

Like LL, I have severe claustrophobia, I need to be given an injection of Versed 10 mins before an MRI, elst they get nothing. I do not get problem in elevators, but if I have a hard time pulling a sweater off over my head, I can panic without even realizing why.

I'm going to have to inquire about breast MRI's. Sure don't want to have one like that! Hope results are favorable. Take care, have a pleasant weekend, XX Loret


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