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I need help with painting.

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What ho I have not been about much of late, have had alot going on. I have now moved into a nice 1 bedroom bungalow in Southport and have found that I cao not paint it. So I am looking for some one to do it for me, there are 2 ceelings 1 living room and a bebroom plus a small hallway I have the paint just need some one to put it on the walls. I have been quoted between £600 and £800 for two pepole for 2 days (rip off I think cos I am disabled) Then it's just get the money for the carpets. HELP Please. Thanks.

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I think you may have posted in the wrong place manwithnoname, did you mean to post on Facebook? This is the HealthUnlocked forum.

Anyway £600 for two qualified people for two 9 hr days is just under £17 an hour which is pretty good I think. I’ve paid alot more. I hope you get it sorted.

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manwithnoname in reply to KittyJ

Thanks but no I did not mean Facebook and they were not qualified .

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KittyJ in reply to manwithnoname

Ok but this is a health forum so you might not get the help you need here 😊

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Whitegate in reply to KittyJ

He will.

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KittyJ in reply to Whitegate

I said might not 🤷🏻‍♀️

Do they have to prepare the walls as it might not be a case of slapping on your paint but sanding and filling, sanding again and at least 3 coats. I think if that the case it might be cheap. You could try your local decorating store like Brewers or Dulux and ask if they have any local traders.

Hi medway-lady, there is no prep needed just painting.

I'm sure you'l find that they also need insurance, and no labour is cheap these days. In short pay peanuts get monkeys and you were not obliged to take the quote. I'm sure if it needs no preparation that someone else has washed down the walls or removed paper and washed down. Sorry but if your not prepared to pay then its going to be very hard to get someone reliable. As for a local who could do with the money? really dangerous as slapping on a coat will result in a good job and you'll have no comeback so might end up paying again to get it done properly. Anyway best of luck. PS if this is a council or housing association property then you can sometimes get a grant for decorating. It might not be ,much but it all helps.

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Ajay575 in reply to medway-lady

Why do you comment on others replays and take quotes

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medway-lady in reply to Ajay575

Because I had decorators in 2 years and they are coming back shortly to paint the kitchen ceiling etc and its not cheap and we don't know if his quote was fair or not and perhaps its better to pay and get what you pay for than ending up paying twice to correct a bad job. And if you reread I did suggest he might get a grant someone doing it 'cash in hand ' might be just slapping paint on. It's up to him I just offered an alternative line of thought. And if they have no insurance or do a bad job their is no comeback unlike a decorator that is a Dulux recommended and don't even think about Farrow and Ball painters.

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Ajay575 in reply to medway-lady

It will always be expensive from firms yes

I suggested a local painter who does odd jobs they are just as good and theres always 1 or 2 in the area useally or neighbor's may know them .

We all know if you get a local they have know insurance

ours is an ex council great

And other neighbor's have their handy man .

And my prices are not cheap as chips no way for that simple job like that

The quote 2 man job 1 probaly an apprentice fot that job 8 10 hours max if 2 quested is extortion.

This is a simple 1 man job

In my area he would get it for 150 to 250 and a great job

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medway-lady in reply to Ajay575

We don't know that. He''s already said they don't get back to him and we do not know it's a simple job. Painting can be good and a simple job equally the walls may be uneven cracked, need filling. The ceiling may be artexed and yellow with nicotine we don't know so in short too many variables to assume its an expensive quote. If I could get my kitchen ceiling washed down then painted 3 coats and cut in well for £600 I'd faint.

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madme1 in reply to medway-lady

Hi medway-lady, in our area its about £150.00 for a carers break fund, and about the same for a disabled facilities grant from the council, which is not bad really.

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medway-lady in reply to madme1

It all helps to reduce the costs of changing things.

Hi .Is there no one you know in your area who do painting jobs theres usually 1 or 2 painters going about that maybe neighbor's use as well

Your quote is company prices at these prices very expensive probaly £60 to £70 an hour

Or local community pages in your area or neighbor's who know anyone

And they 1 person may do it for 2 to 3 hundred or 150


thanks Ajay575 yes I have and all I get is I will phone you and then ------------

Keep trying im sure someone could do with the money

You might find a lovely retired person that will come and do it for you cheaply . The retired people who are quite fit enjoy helping people . I would love to help people if I was fit and well .

Check in with local charities. Also look on here: careandrepair-england.org.uk

Have you tried Check a Trade in your area?Failing that The Salvation Army sometimes have volunteers who will help out for a donation.

Unfortunately painters & decorators need to earn a living & will probably not take into account your disability.

If you have a social worker there maybe help there?

A word of caution - friends of mine had a dreadful experience with a workman from Check A Trade.

I had a great experience …young chap putting together a set of flat pack furniture.Have kept his number for any general work I may need once I have unpacked after my move

I did too.

I’ve got RA and OA. I moved into a bit of a ‘doer upper’ bungalow a few months back. I’m determined to do the decorating myself. I do it in mini bite size chunks - an hour or so when I can manage it. I’m getting there slowly!

Is there any chance you can do it if you pace yourself?

I know Southport comes under Sefton council, but in Lancashire and Wigan the councils have a Safe Trader scheme where you can check for services on their site. Sefton may have the same or similar scheme or if you go onto Lancashire Council Safe Trader Scheme and put your postcode in it may show a few in the West Lancs area which isn't far from Southport. Worth a try, good luck and hope you find someone who is reasonably priced and reliable.

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springcross in reply to Pippy25

Hello Pip, how are you?

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Pippy25 in reply to springcross

Thanks Springcross, not been too well of late. I read some posts when I'm able to on the forum and as I'm in the north west saw this post and thought of the Safe Trader Scheme in Lancashire or Good Trader I think it is in Wigan. Hope you are keeping ok? Take care x

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springcross in reply to Pippy25

I'm really sorry to hear that Pip, I've been wondering how you are. I do hope you're soon feeling much better. xx

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Pippy25 in reply to springcross

Thank you springcross x

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Kags1068 in reply to Pippy25

Hi Pip

I've been wondering how you were too as I didn't think I'd seen you on the site lately.

Sorry you haven't been too good. Hope things improve for you soon.

Best wishes xx

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Mmrr in reply to Pippy25

Sorry to hear you have not been so good Pip. Best wishes to you.

Your in my area, if you go on formby bubble ainsdale bubble and Southport Bubbles on Facebook and ask for recommendation, but don't say you’ve been quoted how much and your not happy they get quite annoyed , as I found out when wanting a tiler, four metres of tiles a kitchen splash back and quoting me ridiculous prices ,it sound like your space is small my sister lived in a bungalow , 2 bedroom one ,shouldn’t take two men for such a small job, I have a painter booked in for the first week in October he is a fair price. I got him through my next door neighbor it’s her relative . He is tarlaton area.

I think it’s too much for two days work painter go off £110 +£140 a day roughly .

This is really not the place to find a painter decorator. It’s ‘off topic’. It’s not a RA/health issue.

I agree with others - the quote is reasonable. You don’t have to take it, but you might be hard pushed to find better.

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Ajay575 in reply to Brushwork

Off topic is allowed for all members and this member can do off topic if he wishes

upto 3 times a week that is the guidlines for members

We pay £130 a day for one man. (That's in Cornwall where hourly rates are a lot less than most of England)

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Vonnie10 in reply to Whitegate

Whitegate this sound the correct price unless your in London or them areas your price is the same as us in the north of England

HiI don’t think their rates are bad actually. I would gladly pay that for what you need doing. Can’t you come to some arrangement with them whereby you pay a couple of hundred up front and the rest over time? My friend in Oxford did this when she was skint. Buona fortuna. Bx

Hi manwithnoname, there is a site that I have used before for any work I needed doing, but not sure if I can tell you on here. I've used them a few times and they Mybuilder.com, though of course other sites are available! You can put in that you are disabled and that you are of shall we say a mature age, hope you don't mind me saying that! 😊. Good luck in your search.

The website I quoted can find local builders/traders in your area. You post the job and invite them to quote.

Ah so pleased you have a bungerlow I hope you find someone to do your painting what colours have you chosen

If you can get two men for between £600-£800 for two days you really should grab it while you can. Far from ripping you off, they are doing you a favour at that price.

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Vonnie10 in reply to Wobblyone

Wobblyone maybe your thinking off London prices a painter in this neck of the woods is between £110 + £140 a day it’s a small space by the sound of it and shouldn’t take 2 men to paint , painter generally work alone .. I’ve just had joinery work done for less than this by 2 men who worked 2 days in mine fitting new skirting through all my downstairs. I’m sure joiners are are more skilled than painters .

This is not the place to post this … maybe on a separate web site for assistance with these types of requests

That was a polite recommendation .. doubt anyone is upset

Trust in blue is run by ex police who do handiwork they are reliable safe and do a great job. They put up a large handrail for me on the stairs it is great 😃

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Kags1068 in reply to Green230461

Wow - that sounds good. We really need a stair handrail. I don't suppose they cover the midlands do they?! X

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Green230461 in reply to Kags1068

Not sure just retired police/ fire/ambulance guys here. Perhaps a google for your area? I liked them because they were efficient kind and made me feel safe on my own with them. They also did a terrific job.

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Kags1068 in reply to Green230461

Thanks for that. I can understand why you felt safe. Sounds like a good option. X

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madme1 in reply to Green230461

Just checked their website Green230461 and apparently they don't do this sort of work for private new clients anymore, and now are doing more work for schools and public buildings etc. Pity really.

Not sure if it's in your area but try the online site Nextdoor. I've found local people willing to help with jobs around the house, at a reasonable price on there. Good luck.

We have the Nextdoor site, it is very good for finding trusted workmen.

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