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The Curious Case of the Runaway Coins!

Hello all how we today?

Nothing of any importance to tell you but I haven't blogged for a while so thought I would share my latest (mis)adventure with you.

I'm actually really tired out today, as yesterday I had a big day out and took myself off to Douglas, (Douglas is the main town here on the Isle of Man, not a person! :-) ) It's about 10 miles away from where I live so I drove over, got to the car park above the M&S store and that's where the 'fun' began...

My purse is laden down with change because I find picking coins up quite tricky so. I'm always handing over notes when I'm shopping for ease and speed. However as I had to park the car for a few hours (had to see the tax man and you never know how long that is going to take!) I thought this would be a good opportunity to lighten myself of some of these heavy coins. I needed to put in £2.00 so I started off fairly well but my lack of grip got the better of me and when I'd got as far as £1.20 I accidentally inserted two ten pence coins at the same time (thinking I only had hold of one) and they jammed. I tried and tried to free them but my fingers just wouldn't grip and wouldn't you know it there was no-one around to ask to help when normally the place is full of people.

Then the machine decided as I hadn't put enough money in, it would return the coins I had already inserted and spat them out at me. They rolled here, there and every flipping where. I must've looked a sight! Walking stick in one hand, purse in the other trying (unsuccessfully) to stamp on the rogue, escapee coins!

Eventually I retrieved them and returned to face my new nemesis and sworn enemy, the ticket machine.. Using one of the retrieved coins I was able to sort of 'flick' at the jammed ten pence duo until one of them did a Darcy Bussell and performed a pirouette in the air, landing gracefully on the ground, bit of a wobble, and then, yes you've guessed it, turned into Usain Bolt and made a break for it. Cue me, stamping and shuffling once again!

By now bathed in perspiration and completely hot and bothered I fished out 2 one pound coins and inserted them into the devil machine, got my ticket and returned to my car for a well deserved sit down!

All this before I even got into the high street!

Well like I said at the beginning nothing of major importance but hopefully I've given a few of you a good giggle. You have to laugh at yourself sometimes don't you? This flipping illness is too miserable as it is so I'll take my laughs where I can find them and if I can share them with you too a bonus in my book :-)

Wishing you all a stress less, pain free day!

Love from Jo xx

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What a cheerful blogi. I to keep a purse separate for my change. I use my card a lot as it's easier to punch the numbers. You made me smile.

Thank you



I think we all need a smile from time to time :-) but those pesky coins did make me cross at the time! lol x


That did make me giggle, i have pictures of them naughty coins rolling all over the place lol.




They were very naughty indeed! Even the 50p with his angled edges managed to make it to at least 3 ft away from the machine!


Jo that made me smile. Here i tell you another silly tale. Last night i had to ask my hubby and daughter if i had washed my hair monday night or not as my brain couldn't remember. xxx


Goodness Sylvi I can relate to that! I'm always forgetting what I have or haven't done.....or even what I am supposed to do!


I Fumble in my purse too x


its a good way of saving i also use notes not change so every few weeks i check pockets and handbags it all goes in a tin for my holidays unless get broke before then



As for forgetting things i always need a notepad with jobs & things to do on it otherwise i wouldnt know what day it was nevermind what i need to do lol.

Im lucky in my hair needs washing every day so thats one i dont forget lol.




You certainly gave me a giggle and the pictures in my head made a comic character of you!!


Thats funny jo and u still have a purse full of change


It's good to take what you can from life isn't it. At present it's all the wee plants coming up in the garden. And the pleasure of breakfast before my shower with time to browse the Internet. I take taxis quite often when paddys not here. In a rush I usually stuff the change in my anorak pocket. So occasionally I have a lovely surprise to find it.

Have a relaxed day


ha ha - I thought it was unusual that lack of fine motor grip - I can never get coins out of the trolley in the supermarket......thanks for that - it made me giggle.


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