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Fish pie in the making.........


Been to Beworth this morning to get some photos printed for the standard Bearers and to get milk and bread for next door,got a lovely pink handbag from Tescos and it is gorgeous very baby pink. I also picked a lovely shal cape type thing off the market as well. Anyway the real reason i am writing this post is because i thought i would do a nice fish pie for lunch for Bob and i. Simple you would think(yes if you don't have any diseases) Anyway cooked the fish and made the sauce, Peeling potatoes now therein lies the problem. How do you peel them when you struggle to hold a knife and that is all you have used for years. Well i did just buy hubby a new peeler from Kleenezee as the other one he used was broke(highly reccomend this) so i used that well it was hard work,but i managed it,but boy did my index fingers hurt and my shoulders i am in chronic pain at the moment dear hubby is wiping up for me and cooking it off and doing the verge to go with it.

I didn't realise how bad i had got until i tried to do it and though i haven't cried it has upset me a wee bit because i am losing so much. I want to sit outside and put in a few plants later so i am not sure if that will be done or not i will see after my rest. Happy Saturday to you all.xxxxxxx

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Sounds nice , my lovely wife's working today so I've got dinner on sore hands And all, easy meal chicken pieces in slow cooker with turmeric powder and tattoos, they were a struggle with my hands but got there in end

sylvi in reply to popsmith1874

I found eeling the potatoes hard on my knuckles as they hurt to bend. I have also been gardening as well so tomorrow i am sure i will hurt. Am sitting here with heated shawl on my back and shoulders.xxxxx

Hidden in reply to sylvi

Well done Sylvi and Popsmith. This morning I got up full of good intensions, go to the supermarket, rest for an hour while having a snack and then potter outside in the sun. All I have actually managed is the shopping. I sat down with a cuppa and that was it - my energy has totally gone, so afternoon wasted. Hope tomorrow it returns and I can get outside. Looks like my son will be doing the tea. X

sylvi in reply to Hidden

Been gardening and then i sat outside and rested before i tidied up,but boy am i paying for it now. Heated shawl on my neck,shoulders and

I have a peeler by Turbo (I think it's Swiss) which has a chunky handle and is as sharp as a razor. I've had it for over 5years and it is as good as new... I thoroughly recommend it for ease and 'gripability':) The handle comes straight down off the blade so to use it you pull your hand down in a straight line - no twisting action which is a boon!

I hope the pie was good.

All the best


sylvi in reply to Ali_H

It was darling i really enjoye it.xxxx

sylvi in reply to Ali_H

Do you know where i can get one of these peelers please.xxxx

nomoreheels in reply to sylvi

They are available elsewhere, Lakeland do a similar one.

I don't do any peeling any more Sylvi. I tried podding some broad beans the other week & failed miserably, I tried though. It was always my job prepping veg but knife skills are out the window, h has banned me using 'his' knives fearful I'll not simply cut myself again but I'll "one day have the end of my finger off".

I hope you enjoyed your collaboratively prepared fish pie. x

sylvi in reply to nomoreheels

I did enjoy it and i gave some to friend across the road who lives on her own as well.I enjoyed putting it together though if there is a next time i will use the peeler or other advice i have been given regarding potatoes which i have found to be very useful. As a rule hubby cooks,but he was down the allotment getting things ready to put up a garden shed that we had been given,so i thought i would help him by making the fish pie as he can't make that and i always have to do the sauce for him anyway.xxxxxxx

Sorry it made you sad! I understand completely. My hubby has to do all the peeling for me now. And he has to come help me stir cookie batter. But he never minds helping me, I just hate that I have to ask! I hope your fish pie was delicious! I've never had it, actually I've never heard of it! LOL! Hope you have a great weekend! Hugs!

sylvi in reply to carotopgal

It is so easy to make,it is assorted fish cooked then put in a cheese sauce surrounded by mash potatoes. xxxx

Hi Sylvi,

Re the peeler - it is advertised on Amazon. It has black and red packaging. The peeler is solid silver in colour (it's stainless steel) with Turbo written on the handle. They also do a Julienne peeler which makes great 'carrot strips' for salads.

I got my peeler from the Melton food fair.


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