How serious are messed up lymphocytes and neutrophils?

Checked my bloods today on line and they are both out of normal range again 5 weeks after starting MTX. However they were out of range before I was on it too! In fact there was only one magical blood test where everything was "normal" - that was after two weeks on the MTX.

Does anyone know if "they" are likely to pull me off the drug now? Desperately hoping not because it's bloody well working!!

Would love to hear any advice or experiences on this.

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  • The 2 important markers are total white cell count (WBC) and neutrophils. How much out of the normal range are they? I'm assuming your liver enzymes are OK?

  • Yep liver is fine. Neutrophils were high - although not as high as they have been at other times pre MTX. All other results were in normal range and lymphocytes just below the bottom of normal...

  • How high is high? Just below the normal range for lymphocytes should be OK ...they will just keep an eye on it....high neutrophils is more unusual. Keep us posted!

  • I can not advise you as I'm going on my 5th dose of mtx this week. Please keep us posted.

  • I've been on MTX for 4 years and my white blood cells and neutrophils are always below the normal range since being on the drug but it doesn't worry my consultant so don't panic

  • That's Good to know thank you - I wonder why my neutrophils are high? And I wish I did not have to waste a sunny summer's morning thinking about this rubbish!!! Damn RA.

  • How high are they? I thought it was low neutrophils that are the cause for concern.

  • Thanks everyone for your replies - I managed to miss a call from the rheumatology nurse today - I assume in response to my query about the bloods - as I am on holiday in an area that refuses to give me any reception in my phone. So I said sod it and took the next dose anyway. Hoping that if it had been urgent that I didn't that they would have left a message! So now I have one more week to find out whether my wonky blood is serious enough to abandon MTX or not. Fingers crossed for no!

  • Well I live to fight another day with the methodrexate. Apparently my bloods were not a concern. Thanks everyone for your replies. I am starting to see my life in two week chunks!

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