A few days late for injection 5 Warning: weird pic of my tongue!

A few days late for injection 5 Warning: weird pic of my tongue!

This week has been crazy, but in the bright side it did help take away from me noticing my side effects as much. Definitely still there but not as much.

This week's positive is that at least with my nausea I'm not vomiting. But I do think I'll be contacting my doctor about it. I've also got geographical tongue right now and don't want it to get worse or be acting up because of my meds. My bet is that he increases my folic acid since he started me on one mg! I don't have any sores and my tongue doesn't hurt. But he may see a reason too... plus I have just a few more weeks till I go back and have a recheck to see if mtx is working and if I have to restart one of my pressure drops. I'm really hoping that my pressure is good so I can stay off the one drop, especially since I'm taking three anyway for that. And two, I want the mtx to show something and I'm hopefully but totally understand that it can take a bit to show results especially in the severe cases. Plus my dose isn't all the way to where it should be. I'm close tho!

Thanks for listening!

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  • If it helps, my tongue looks just like yours. Seem to have lost the ability to really 'taste' my food too.

  • Bummer, I haven't had my taste go. But I definitely don't have much of an appetite.

  • Might be a thing called Geographic Tongue. My daughter has always had it. Not harmful, and not an infection,just how the old layer of tissue replaces itself (doesn't wear away evenly). Sometimes the outline looks like a map, hence the name! Might be worth asking your dentist though just to be sure what it is.

  • Oh I think that's exactly what it is. But it's still a type of inflammation. My rheumatologist wanted me to keep an eye out for it since he knew I have this. I think I mentioned the name in my post. Did you know that geographical tongue is only in 3% of the population making it really rare!!! My mom and I both have it!

  • Oops, that's what happens when you don't read a post properly! Hadn't realised it was so rare! My daughters tongue looks so sore sometimes. Just have to watch out as the red raw bits can develop thrush. She used to get it all the time when she was younger. Touch wood, she's not had it in years.

  • Yeah and that's what my doc is worried about. He doesn't want it going any further than just a flare up. Especially since I'm in mtx and that's a possibility anyway. I eat more bland foods when I have a flare and lots of yogurt. I also take a probiotic too. Tho not sure if it helps.

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