Wind and pain

Its 4 in the morning and i am downstairs again. The wind is keeping me awake and so is the pain in my hands. I feel quite down this morning, i have had some painkillers but i'm not sure that they are working yet.

Everything goes wrong at once doesn't it. Had such a good day yesterday,thought things were picking up,how wrong can you be. My breathing is not good either. Am struggling to open bottles on my own. I don't know what to say apart from the fact i feel rubbish.

So i wish you all a lovely sleep.

Sweet dreams everyone.


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  • Thanks,lack of mtx and windy and wet weather is to blame. xx

  • Poor you Sylvi I hope things improve soon and that you can either get back on the MTX or get to try a different DMARD. TTx

  • Thoughts are with you Sylvi, it is horrible when you can't sleep, makes you feel down when you are deprived. Hope you get the right treatment very soon and you feel lots better today. xx

  • Hang in there - hopefully won't be long until knee is sorted and chest better so can go back onto MTX. And spring is on its way! Just think of sunny afternoons in your back garden, with a cup of tea, magazine & choc biscuits and the birds singing. Polly

  • Polly,spring can't come quick enough for me.Hopefully by the end of march i will have a new knee and i can start walking. I don't feel too bad in my head,no depression, thank goodness. Its a case of doing a little bit and stop.

    We all need some cheering up. We had such a lovely day yesterday and i spent some time in the garden,yet today it is wet and windy and you can't get out. Just got dressed and we are having a cup of tea. I am alive even if i am in pain,things can only get better. Thats what i think anyway.


  • Yes things can get better, its a waiting game sometimes. You never what tomorrow will bring. Sending you cyber hugs and hope you feel better soon. Xxx

  • Thanks for the cyber hugs Treesha,its been a bit of iffy morning,Trying to do things and finding i can't do it is so annoying. Then to make a iffy morning worse the dwp sends me another form for esa to be filled in again. As if my hands want to spend hours trying to fill it in. It will have to be done over days not hours. I am a bit fed up now. Hubby is taking me out for a meal tonight to the gurkha restaurant in nuneaton to celebrate my not drinking for 10yrs.


  • Hope you enjoy the Gurka tonight. I've never heard of one hear in the north!! What sort of food will you get? And happy anniversary, you must be on step 11 now!!!

    Love Axx

  • I have been there before,its really nice. It is a better thannindian food as you can taste all the spices and they do a great coconut naan bread. We have to eat early as our tummys can't have food too late.

    I have to say my family are very proud of me as both my parents were alcoholics,and my mum died while drunk,she fell down the stairs. So yes it is quite an achievement.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Hi hope u are feeling much better and hope u have a lovely evening, I am sorry to hear about your mum thats awful. I sometimes am kept awake by the wind i have a small phobia of wind had it since i was young, i sleep with a fan on next to my bed every single night the noise of the fan drowns any noise out which helps me sleep and i sweat which helps cool me down! my boyfriend has got used to it now but he used to moan! Recently there has been a bird that sings in the tree outside my bedroom window every morning and it is so annoying so i turn the fan onto full power!! Realy hope you feel much better and you should very proud of yourself congratulations xxx

  • Yes it was windy.. hope your hans are a little better, I can never open things!

    Hope your meal was good xx

  • Meal was lovely, just got in. I would reccomend gurkha food if anyone has one near them.

    Summer my hands are not very good tonight and i ache all down my right side again. Fibro/ra has a lot to answer for i can tell you. I feel like a frail little old lady (perhaps not so little!) Boy is it cold out there,there is a full moon and the forecast is for frost here in the midlands.


  • good to hear your meal was nice, hope u manage to get a good nights sleep, the moon looks amazing tonight my daughter calls it Mr Moon! Roll on summer when it is warmer although ill prob end up complaining im too hot!! got my fan tho!


  • I am suffering from being too hot now,old age methinks. Well its 3.30am and here i am unable to sleep. Though what sleep i have had has been been very good.

    So sleep well.. sylvi.xx

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