Feel Almost human today, weird

Went to a new Rheumy yesterday. She actually did a physical exam and put hands on swollen joints. All the other dr's I've been to (Rheumy's included) hardly looked at me and only one touched my swollen hands. I was very impressed when she walked in and said I've looked at your blood tests and x-rays (way back in Sept I had x-rays of my hands and feet taken from the first Rheumy visit for comparison for when deformities occur in future.) She was very informative and said I was on the wrong dosage of Plaquinel because I've lost so much weight since the first diagnosis and need to be on less. (Actually looked at my WEIGHT!!!) and I get weighed every time I see a doc and I've told them I'm down 20lbs. She also said my MTX dosage was too low and I would not see any results if left this low. Also wants me to start on Prednesone for inflammation. This was my first female Rheumy. She said she was very aggressive in treating RA and asked if I was going to stick with her because I've been to so many seeking help. I will keep her.

She said she would like to draw the liquid off my L-knee and that was scary but I said OK. she got 20cc of this awful looking yellow cloudy gunky stuff that will go to the lab to test for crystals that may point to Gout in addition to RA because maybe I'm not on everything I should be??? She also put a steroid shot into my L-knee which felt better after. By last night my R-knee swelling was down and feeling almost normal and she didn't do anything to the R-knee. By this morning all joints are 70% less painful (shoulders, feet, jaw). Could that steroid have traveled throughout my body and lessened the pain in all joints??? I have not taken any meds after that shot yesterday and have never had a steroid shot before in my life. Diagnosed with RA Aug 2013 age 62. I asked if I would be able to play tennis again and she said that would be her goal with me. Hope the higher dose of MTX is not horrible but she asked me to stay in touch and let her know what happens so I'll keep in touch with email.

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  • Hi Marsha, so glad you have found a consultant that has instilled confidence and rapport in- I think that is so very important for all of us dealing with this life changing disease.

    You asked about the steroid travelling through the body- the answer is yes. It will stay within the capsule of the joint for a while, however, ultimately with movement and natural osmosis it will then move out of the joint into the system, so given that you have had such a positive response from this injection it may well be worth having a general steroid injection, typically given intramuscularly, and you may well find that it helps all aches and joints.

    I read recently of someone on this site saying they were having a steroid holiday, believe me, for me this it was most definately the case. I always felt so much better after a steroid injection. There is a however, steroids can have horrendous side effects, so have to be treated with respect and not abused.

    Here's to playing tennis again


  • Glad you got such a nice doctor. Yes, you can get systemic effects from steroid injections that are designed to treat just one place. I had it happen the first time, but not the most recent time.

  • Hi marsha I'm really pleased for the outcome of your new rheumy appt, this girl sounds like she knows her stuff, it makes such a difference when you feel like your in safe hands and not pushed from pillar to post and ignored! I have a steroid injection 6 wk ago in too of my bum as the nurse said it would be better to combat all the joints ie, knees ankles and wrists rather than a cortisone in my right wrist where it's worst. I must admit within about 12 hours I felt like a new woman! I actually looked at my wrist and thought it looked normal and took the inflammation, heat and nerve pain down by prob about 70/80% good luck with everything, x

  • Got an email from the doc and no crystals in the fluid drawn off the knee do filing out gout. She also said what you've stated that the shot in the knee could certainly travel throughout and cause inflammation reduction. Can feel it wearing off this evening so today felt like a gift and the sun was shining. Not looking forward to steroids as I've heard they cause irritability. But constant pain causes irritability too.

  • Hi there I am pleased you have had a positive appointment, I left my rheumatologist crying this week, he was sooooooo unkind to me that the nurse sitting in the room followed me out and handed me a card on my rights as a patient, I don't know whether I will complain as I feel too unwell to follow it thru. When you are treated respectfully it makes it easier to cope so I am pleased for you. cheers

  • I cried and told off my family practice because I felt she was ignoring me as well as the old rheumy jerk I was assigned. She then offered a referral to another rheimy that I saw this last Tuesday. The primary care didn't know me as I was passed on to her after my other primary care moved on. So she got a piece of my mind and she started paying attention and requested tests I thought need to be watched like liver and system levels when on these meds. The new rheumy wants blood every two weeks and then once a month if all is well. The old guy said take these pills and come back in 3 mos. Hated him.

  • Hi, I must be very lucky with my rheumy. The consultant and nurse ALWAYS check my joints when I go. I thought that was a normal part of the check up. How on earth can they judge things if they don't check properly! Am so pleased you've now found the right one and they're helping you.

  • I wonder where you're being treated. Nhs? I've never geared of them using email and communication is such a problem. So pleased for you

  • I live in California and most health care providers have incorporated online access to test results and email my docs w questions and concerns. Its handy because you certainly can't talk on the phone w them.

  • Hello, I thought you must be in the states. Here with the free NHS the GP is the gatekeeper and you can meet them and often they will phone you if you need. Email must be good because it gives you time to think. I'm glad you have found a good clinician.

  • The primary care doc is also the gate keeper and have to see them first to get referred to specialist.

  • I get steroid/B12 injections every 3 months and I do look so forward to them! Afterward I feel normal for a week or two and everything feels so much better. A doctor who is attentive can make all the difference. I recently was sent to a specialist who sent me for many liver tests and told me to return in a week. When I went back for results, he was clueless as to why I was there, hadn't looked at my test results, and was totally unprepared for my appointment. Needless to say, I won't return to that doctor.

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