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Back from Silver Dollar City vacation

Back from Silver Dollar City vacation

Hi all, I had a fabulous vacation in Branson MO with my Dad & StepMom, and older Sister & her 3 girls. We ate kid friendly food-my favorite, like pigs in blankets & pizza & etc...

We had some car trouble on the way there, we kept overheating & weren’t able to use the A/C in 100 degree weather. Apparently a hose had ruptured & leaked out all of the antifreeze, but we got it patched up after a couple of hours & we met some really nice people who stopped to help.

We kept really busy, we went to Joseph, a 'sight & sound' play that was really good. They had live animals, sheep & camels & it showed all of Joseph's life. And we walked all over Silver Dollar City (Amusement Park) for a day & a half, and I did Ok. They had so many hills & their maps weren't so good so it seemed that we were always backtracking up another hill to get to where we wanted to go. I didn't end up stiff or sore at all. We did really sweat the 1st day, but there was a rain shower the 2nd day & the temperature came down so then it was nice.

I had a happy surprise, I learned that one of my nieces loves roller coasters as much as me, so we took off together & hit them all. My middle niece was afraid of them, but we got her on a couple of rides. The youngest is disabled & very short so she could only go on a few rides. She loved the butterfly ride & that's the first ride she's ever been able to go on by herself. It was so precious to see her beaming & so proud.

The biggest problem I had on the trip was that my IBS kicked up & somehow I didn't get my fiber pills packed, so we had to go to Walmart to get me some. I've had pain & problems ever since I got home so the IBS isn't under control yet.

The picture is of the log ride at Silver Dollar City, we splashed down into water right after this picture was taken & I was already wet from some other rides. The two girls in front of me are the older 2 of my nieces. I had such a blast, I just love coasters & adrenaline. I was so glad that my RA didn't show itself & that I could do everything that we did, especially the walking.


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Well done

the weather abroad suited me too, maybe we should get a holiday abroad on the nhs!!! Axx


That's great Christine - I think I'll stick to nice cool north of Scotland - 100 degrees sounds unbearable to me and I can't cope with rollercoaster rides either. Hope your IBS clears up soon. TTx


What a scary photo! I HATE funfairs, and it was torture having to try things when the kids were little. So I think you're very brave to like them. Glad you had a fun vacation and managed to do everything you wanted. Maybe once you get back to your r regular diet your IBS will calm down - no more pigs in blankets for you!. Pollyx


Fantastic, Christine, that you accomplished Branson! I.m pretty sure I would never get through it to my liking. I would stand at the bottom of one more hill, and say "Beam me up Scotty' but nothing would happen! :) The 100+ degrees here in Ohio was absolutely unbearable to be out in, so you are to be commended. Must be what they mean by Midwesterners being of sturdy stuff! Take care now. Lxx


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