Back from Hols

Back from Hols

We had a really good break in Butlins at Skegness. We had a massive apartment so I could play musical beds trying to find one to sleep in lol. First I tried the double bed with youngest daughter then I tried a single bed in another room and finally settled in another single bed. Felt like Goldilocks lol. It was great to spend time with my girls and little man. RA played up a lot but had taken all my props to help me get around. The worst was a terrible pain in my left foot which kept me awake for a couple of nights. Had a lovely spa day treat from my youngest daughter. Grandson really enjoyed himself and ran us all ragged. Slept like a top in my own bed last night. Home sweet home. P.s Weather was fantastic too.

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  • Sounds like you had absolutely brilliant time Sharon.....what fun playing musical beds!!

    Sorry to hear the RA bothered you....hope it didn't take too much of the enjoyment out of your hols.

    There's nothing like being spoilt on a Spa day is relaxing and therapeutic.


  • Thank you Luthien it was brilliant i just got on with enjoying myself even though my slow walking made my eldest daughter call me a tortoise. Cheeky mare lol

  • You know what they say....the tortoise always wins the race!! ;)

  • Ah thanks I will tell her that.

  • Wow that went quickly, seems you only went the other day. Glad you had a great time and love the photo!

  • Thanks so much it was only a four night break but it was good.

  • So glad u had a great time despite RA! The weather looks great and you seem so happy in the lovely photo, I love spa days too, might start dropping hints lol xx

  • Yes get dropping allanah my toe nails have never looked so pretty thanks to the pedicure. I even ventured into the hot spa tub loved those bubbles.

  • We love Skegness , we are going there again in about 4 weeks lol can't wait.

    It's a great place to go, food all in with the price too so no cooking for my wife and no dishes to clean lol.

    Worth a visit.

    Sorry that your RA gave you a rough time, lets hope we all have a pain free time, for a while anyways.


  • Yes it is a great place even got to see Mike the Knight and Billy Bear lol. Hope you enjoy yourselves too.

  • you look great in your pic xx

  • Oh thank you so much.

  • Skeggie butlins doesn't look like its changed at all. Lol. Is there still the tunnel from the caravan park into the main camp?

  • Yes there is still the tunnel but the camp is much improved especially splash waterworld.

  • Glad you had a great time. Butlins is great for littleuns. Although you forget how tiring it is running around (well, ok, hobbling) around after them. I had 4 round last week. Did me in for days. Lol. It was worth it tho.

  • Oh goodness one wears me out. Tomorrow its his 4th birthday party at an indoor kids activity place think I will put some ear plugs in.

  • Don't go on the bouncy castle! Lol

  • Ooh that looks like fun!

    When my 3 were small we used to go to a caravan park in Clacton in the half-term holidays - all 'the girls' would go so we'd be 5 women with 13 kids between us, run ragged thru the day but having copious vino and lots of laughs when they were all in bed! Cheap as chips holidaying, but they still remember it with nostalgia. I think it was the company and all the laughter that made it so great:-}

    Cece x

  • That sounds great my girls loved it when we took them away in our tiny caravan with an awning on the side. I used to sit with a g and t when they were tucked up. We had some very happy times and like yours they still have very good memories. They seem to remember it much better than when we went to Disney World in Florida.

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