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Chest infection


Yesterday i had a really great day. I went up the village to renew our tv licence and when i got home i tidied up and hoovered up(That was big mistake) and helped put the lunch together for hubby. Peeling potatoes is a nightmare and a no go for me,but i did it anyway to help hubby as he was taking our friend to the train station so she can go visit her daughter. After we had lunch i had to go and lay down after which i felt brighter. You can bet your bottom dollar i will pay for it today. I have spent the night down here too coughing my guts up. My chest infection is breaking up,but god it is hard with all the coughing. I have to go and get a blood test done this morning if i can and i am going to speak to the nurse about my chest and whether ii need some more drugs and if she can get a dr to see me.xxxxxx

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It just feels as though it's been relentless for you Sylvi. You deserve a break! I've just got over the most horrendous cough which lasted for over 2 months. It's exhausting! Fingers crossed you get rid of yours soon. Mhairi. x

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Thank you darling.xxxx

Oh sweetheart you don’t seem to get breaks that last do you , all I can say is keep taking the tablets love to both of you 🌺🌺🌺💕

Hi sylvie

Hope your cough is sorted soon. It doesn't seem fair at all.


Aww bless big hugs and wish you a speedy recovery xx

Hi sylvi, hope you feel better soon, take care & gentle hugs xx

Oh bless you. I do hope you lose that cough and feel better soon


Hope your feeling better today.

Coughing sounds harmless to ppl who don't really have the problem, but it really takes it out of you, you feel wacked, tender and achey all over from it.

Hi , I know how you feel, I too had a chest infection few weeks ago and after having routine blood test the nurse asked me how I felt I said rough so she got me into drs next day. That was 10.10 appointment by 11.30 I was in hospital with pneumonia. It appears my bloods were all over the place and my heart rate was the same. I spent a week in hospital being pumped full of antibiotics. It has been two weeks since I came home and I can honestly say I have only now just started to pick up and because I have a lot of health issues RA, rheumatoid fibrosis, osteoporosis I don't do a lot of housework my daughter and husband take care of that. What with everything else going on that was all I needed. I hope you feel better soon and keep taking the tablets. Regards Sophie17

Wow Sylvi you have had an ongoing lot with everything haven't you? I do hope you feel better soon. We have a 3 day weekend, although I have wasted a day today resting so I am going to attempt to clean my house! I don;t think I will get everything done but at least I now have two days to do it. I'm like you I have to go and rest after each burst of energy hahaha so it could be a stop start process.

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