Beautiful sunday

Beautiful sunday

Good morning everyone,the sun is already up and no fog in the midlands. I was washed out yesterday due to doing a bit of garedening on friday. The annoying thing is i didn't overdo it either. According to my daughter i did too much,but at 56 i think i should be able to do a bit more.

So yesterday i took it easy,i didn't go anywhere and sat in the garden and got some rays on my skin. I was only out there for the morning and i have caught the sun, heck its only march for gods sake.It was very hot out there. I slept in the afternoon. Last night i was home alone,just as well as i couldn't get settled anyhow. I am so tired all the time. My breathing is still not right,gp did say that the nasal spray he has given me will take a couple of weeks to take effect. Lets hope it works. This week i'm at the rheumys so hopefully i will get something to help the pain.

Does anyone know if knuckles start to crack with this disease? My joints are cracking like mad.

Well today my friends i will be sitting in the garden getting some more sun. I won't be doing anything,famous last words me thinks,but i will certainly try to do nought today.

Hope the weather is lovely where you all are.

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  • we are having beautiful weather here as well sylvi, i love these foggy misty bright mornings. There is alake not far from our house and when you look out and see the red sun peeping through the mist on top of the lake it does put me in a good mood and feel fortunate. Glad you are getting some rest Sylvi, i like the thought of your daughter giving off to you and making you see sense. When you are not well you just can't do what you normally do when you feel goodl.

    I had a good nights sleep last night only woke up once but for the first time this week felt properly awake by 8.15 not the usual 5'oclock think the clock changing had a good impact.

    Better go am heading down to see the family now - it will be a beutiful drive on a day like this.

  • Its 3.30pm and i have come indoors as the sun has moved from my back garden to the front so i think i will lay down and rest at least i'll try. Am having a problem with my voice and my breathing today.

    I hate to say this,but i've caught the sun.


  • me too sylvi, after being busy all day yesterday, im wiped out today and decided to sit in the garden and read a book, i really didn't think it was too hot but i have caught the sun. I've also came in to lie on the sofa for a bit before the newcastle match starts.

    debbie xx

  • Well debbie someone haS TO WATCH THEM,mine have the cricket on. I think i overdid it friday as my daughter keeps giving me grieve over and i have paid for it these last two days. I enjoy sitting in my garden,i am glad you had a successful day yesterday.


  • See? Told you we were sending our hot weather over to you!! glad it got there! But darn, now it is chilly and dreary, not so inviting out on the patio. Now it is more like typical Spring. But 30 degrees cooler than last Weds.!!

  • George brought the weather with him on the plane.It has been very warm here again today,but it soon goes chilly after about 4pm.We lose the sun in our back garden about then at this time of year. So its just as well really as too much sun can be bad for one. They say its going to be good for the rest of the month. Are you getting on alright,Haven't rang as my voice is not good and i'm having trouble with my breathing at the moment.

    Love sylvia xx

  • I'm managing. Can use the middle finger to type with, along with the left hand, so I guess that's progress.

    Not doing dishes or cooking much, my daughter-in-law Heather comes over on her days off work and loads the dishwasher and runs the vac.

    Miss Bridget is shedding, gobs! So I manage with the light weight electric broom, until Heather comes over.

    I'm doing OK, Went to grandaughter Ellen's softball game Sat. afternoon. So good to get away and sit with the other grandparents and parents and lots of teenagers.

    I sure hope you get some help this week. Insist on it! Lxx

  • hey sylie , yes its lovely here too, just a thought but your not develpoing hayfever are u? Axx

  • Don't think so i have asthma and i get the nerves. I will be very surprised if it is hayfever. I have had this ongoing problem since xmas with my chest. Longer nights to look forward to. I have caught the sun and the e45 cream will be slathered on tonight,i use it every day anyway for my skin.Thats due to the steroids making my skin fragile and it bruises easily and it cuts very quickly as well. Nice bath and countryfile,antiques roadshow,then at 9pm haawaaii 5o and then ncisla. Thats my evening sorted out.

    Love Sylvi.xx

  • Yes, it was a lovely day wasn't it! Really enjoyed getting outside, and feel much better for a bit of sun. Hope you get some good sleep tonight after the fresh air. Px

  • In the morning it was very cold and overcast down here in the south yesterday! My O/H and I went to a garden centre and needed our coats! (The temp. was 6.5 C on the gauge in his car). We didn't see any sunshine until about 2 o'clock and even then it wasn't very warm in the sun let alone in the shade and it was quite windy.

    This morning it's foggy looking across the fields (Monday 07.20) but it does look as though the sun is trying hard to come through. I do hope so, I want to plant some veg. seeds. I've never grown veg. before only flowers (Oh, I'm telling porky pies - I have grown tomatoes) - O/H has filled up a few containers which are now waiting for me to plant up. Just couldn't face the cold and wind yesterday.

    Hope everyone has a nice sunny day today - it definitely lifts the spirit.


  • The sun is up and no fog,will put washing on the line in a bit. I'm not sure what i'm going to do today,the less i do the better i feel,but i can't live my life sitting down all the time. I might try and set some more seeds today.

    Hope you all have a pain free day and enjoy the sun.


  • sylvi I was very intersted in your comment about nasal/sinus problems with I have had nasal problems eg just been able to breathe through my mouth which obviously leaves me with a very dry mouth which in turn disrupts the little sllep i get. I had grommets inserted which did nothing but when i look the nasal passage on one side looks a lot narrower than the other so I will speak to my gp again. Had avamys spray which only helped for short period

  • My sinuses are only blocked on my right side,same side where all the ra is. Its my right side where the headaches are. I'm getting a bid fed up going back to the doctors all the time,i do wonder if they think i am making it all up. I wish i could just be well like i was before ra hit.


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