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Winters coming!!!!

I got home from work today and my knees where giving me serious jip due to standing at the bus stop in the windy cold weather. The first thing I did was sit down with a cuppa and some glorious pain relief. I love the pain relief as I know within 15 minutes the pain is usually gone.

I wanted to put on opaques this morning as they are thicker but could not find a pair in black so I put on normal 15 denier and how I paid for not being warm. I zipped in the fleece liner in my water proof and I found my gloves. So I am fully prepaid for tomorrow, which is going to be colder than today.

I am really worried how I am going to cope as this will be my first winter with RA (and my ra at the moment is not being managed).

Today I ached all day and felt generally out of sorts and I think its due to the weather. I dread the morning when I wake up and can't move and have to phone in sick. I am praying to get through this week as next week will be half term at last an official rest!

I have had some wonderful responses to my question which I have just read - thanks for all your support.


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You know - I've had RA for 3 years and I've never really noticed a difference according to the weather - I know a lot of people really do find it affects them though and I guess you have taken sensible precautions! :o)


Try putting a light blanket in the dryer or a sheet for 5 - 10 mins and then wrapping yourself in it, after a trip in the cold or at night very soothing.

I find a change in temp of 10 degrees either way makes me achey, could'nt believe it was true about weather when I first realised it, thought it was old wives tales.

Stay snuggled, Gina.


Hi Gina

I was affected by the mini heat wave too, less severely, but none the less I had problems. I got a flare near the end of the heat wave.


I suffer too when the temp. moves about like it does at the moment. I've just got up and i'm stiff. There are days when i don't know how i'm going to get moving. I have a snuggle for when i get chilled and i find them very usual. They are so good my daughter uses mine when i'm in bed, so i've got her own as part of her xmas present. I went to makro yesterday and i picked up some very thick tights,they will keep my legs warm,can't remember what denier they are,but i think they are thermals. You might want to get some thermals. Asda do them and they are not very dear. I don't work so i can't afford the ones that are dear. Asda ones do the job just as well.

Keep warm,

Sylvia. xx



Wore twin set and trousers today with thick opaque pop socks. I contemplated wearing tights under the trousers but thought I might get too hot in the class room.

Woke up with additional pain in shoulder (right side), that's a fairly new joint to experience pain in. Dosed up during the nite, but still had it when I, I had to get up for work. To cut a long story short, I left work at 10.45, as I could no longer tolerate the background dull ache I have been suffering almost since the weather changed. I found I was snappy at the students, due to broken sleep & pain that I am experiencing. So I thought it was best to call it a day. Not in until friday as I part time, so I hope the dull ache will go by then.

Plan to go shopping tomorrow if joints will allow for thick tights, so thanks for the tip Sylvia. I will certainly investigate thermals, as I am still unable to drive due to severe pain in wrists and the wrists now be so weak (can't open cleaning bottles any more at the moment).

Take care all



Sounds like a few days off maybe needed??> I find a sauna, or jacuzzi helpful..if you can get to one? x


I have had Juvenile Arthritis (much the same as RA) for 20 years.

I only seem to suffer more when it is damp out, my (new) -yes i just got married ;-))) husband calls me the weather girl as I get seriously stiff when the rain is about to come! Coldness is fine for me, although Gina is right, a warmed blanket or PJ's help, and i am addicted to my wheat bag!!

I am having a particularly bad 'i hate myself' week this week, bad thoughts about my future and my deteriorating health are getting to me and i keep crying ;-( Not that i want any of you to feel like this but it does make you feel better to know you are not alone.

Happy Tuesday, may it be as pain free as possible.

Ella x


Hi Ella,

I'm sorry to hear that you are feeling so low - I know what it's like to live with something like this for so long. We all go through patches when it all seems rather hopeless and gloomy - and you've been through a lot already. Have you ever spoken to a counsellor or therapist? It can really help to speak to someone who's not otherwise involved in your life - you can speak about your fears and moments of despair without censoring yourself in order not to upset your nearest and dearest:-} Give it some thought.

Cece x


Sorry to hear this, you are not alone on here.. and your wedding pic is fab you look wonderful.. I think we all have these thoughts.. please talk to your partner if you havent already or some one close to you

best wishes

Alison xx


I hope you're having the sun we are in Scotland this morning after torrential rain. At least it looks better even if its getting much colder. I'm so sorry to hear some of us despairing. Its important to remember how much RA changes don't you think? There are moments when you really aren't sure if you can go on and others when you surprise yourself in being able to do things.

I'm especially sorry to read Ella's message, I went through a crying and despair period but was able to stop working and concentrate on what I wanted to do, which has helped. And as I get older there are more of my contemporaries who also have difficulties with getting out of a chair or a car. Not the same, I know but you do feel a bit less unusual.

Perhaps with the cold weather coming we should think of something nice to do that will help. I have ten mins of an electric blanket before I get into bed and that helps me to relax before I go to bed. The blanket put into a dryer also sounds good, but I don't have a dryer. We have a pulley to air the wet clothes in the bathroom which is environmentally better but no help to aching joints.

I hope this is sympathetic enough - I think I keep veering off into other subjects. Keep toasty anyway and I hope you can feel more optimistic soon

XX Cathie


I wore my fingerless gloves in bed all night, it has helped my fingers this morning. Was in nuneaton yesterday and you can get thermal socks that will keep your feet warm. Also you can buy arthiritus gloves that are fingerless and will keep your fingers warm all the time.

Sylvia. xx


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