overdoing it again

Here i am on a lovely sunday morning having overdone it AGAIN!!!! I never learn, but i get so frustrated at not being able to do much. Yesterday i got my scooter out and went up the village and did a bit of shopping, then went down allotment to see my hubby. Got home and later in the day i went into the garden and started to chop back on bushes that had got overgrown. My arms look like i've been in a fight, very bloodied due to fragile skin. Am very weepy too, thats because i think that at 55-56 i should be able to do more. Silly ain't i. Ended up in bed again last night, that seems to be where i spend most of my time these days. I'm sure that i will learn eventually.

I'm still waiting for counselling to start, can't understand why it takes so long, i need it now not weeks down the line. I've got to have another xray before i can have a second opinion on my knee. So down the hospital again on monday for xray and while i'm down there i'll get bloods done and see if i can see ra nurse about getting some positivity back into my life.

Went to a wedding friday night had a nice time even if i couldn't dance and the couple looked lovely and they were pleased to see us.

I'm not very good at organising my time i'm afraid, i always want to be on the go and get the housework and garden done and looking nice. This disease won't let you work like that and yes i'm letting it get me down. I'm sure it will pass and the counselling will come and help me to get things in the right order. Until then i've got to take it easy and do what my hubby says, bless him he's a gem. I couldn'y cope without him even if he gets annoyed at me for overdoing it, i love him to bits though.

Well people , have a lovely day. I'm going to sit and read the paper and DO AS I'M told for a change.

Sylvia. xx

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  • I am still waiting after two years so tis as you say a bit after the event!. when saw consultant this june!! she admitted she had " forgotten to do this/ refer me!) so she referred me then.. I received a letter saying 3 month weight!!. When I was first diagnosed late 2009 they list for the counselling service/ pain management was closed.. so all in all I have been waiting so long the point has been lost! I ts taken mt til about three months ago to try and do the pacing thing. its the only way!. the sad thing is that if you over do it you suffer as you have found out slyvi!. I am sure that Lyn. Mand, or Cece or similar people can offer good advice on pacing.. and I think soem people on here have counselling skills too? xx

  • ha ha weight is on my mind still above comment should say wait as in a long time.. not weight as in scales..


  • Hi Sylvi

    Join the Sunday Morning Club! I have just woken up! it's 10.15 and the world has gone on without me whilst I was asleep, I went to bed about 8 I think. I too overdiderated it yesterday. All I did was hoover the hall and wash the kitchen floor. soddit... it's not too much to ask really is it. I took my time, I took me all day - from about 10 ish until about 5 ish. So I did a bit, rested did a bit more, rested etc etc. Still I am absolutely tattered!! I feel all puffy and my fingers are sore, and my feet are stiff. It's not like I haven't been exercising and trying to keep supple.

    What the flippity heck bum can you do.... oh yes, sit down and behave myself.

    Sorry you are having to wait so long to see the counsellor, it's a real mess isn't it. because like you say you need to see someone now!

    Well take it easy me dear and we shall think of each other over a cuppa..... take care

    Julie xx

  • Thanks ladies, i'm pleased to hear that i'm not the only one who over does it. I find that nobody in the health service listens is that the same for you? Ache oh boy do i ache, serves me right i suppose, i'll learn one day.

    So i'm going to sit and do nothing, yee right at least i'll try, as my bob says i'm very trying!!!!

    Have a lovely day ladies.

    Sylvia. xx

  • Hi Sylvi, overdoing things is one of the things we all do with RA until we eventually learn to pace ourselves. It is very difficult to accept all these changes that are happening to us, all we want to do is get on with our lives as we did before doesn't seem to much to ask does it really.

    It took me many years to learn, I'd be having a good day and think I could get everything done, housework a bit of shopping etc things I'd not done and let build up. of course the next day I'd pay for it too just like you. It's no use me trying to tell you what you have to do because I think you know it's just a matter of putting it into practice.

    I do hope the counseling comes along for you soon as it will help, it did me anyway. I know what you mean, you want the help now not months or even years down the line like poor Alison.

    take care today and try to have a little rest!!

    mand xx

  • thanks mand,

    sylvia. xx

  • Hello all,

    Here i am just got dressed and then i'm off down the hospital for xray and blood test. While i'm there i'm going to see if my ra nurse is free for a quick chat. I'm also going to see if we can't have a little group going so we can swap notes and meet. I'm sure that will get turned down, but if i don't ask i won't know will i. Thats one of the reasons i like this site and all you lovely people, because you make me feel normal, whatever that is. My one regret is that you'll spread out over the country.

    I didn't do anything yesterday, still didn't sleep very well, but i'm not as bad as i was yesterday, thank goodness.

    I will come and add to this when i get back from the hospital.

    see you later.


  • well people that was a waste of time.No clinic today. well at least i went.


  • Sylvi, that group idea of yours sounds really good. I hope you can get something like that off the ground. So frustrating.

    Best, Cathie

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