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Feeling proud

After being recently diagnosed this year with RA, I never thought I would be ale to run this years Race For Life, I was really upset because having gone from being a really sporty person,to being able to do hardly anything,I new that this was going to be an almost impossible task! However I just wanted to share with all of you that yesterday I power walked the Race for Life and I completed it in 43 minutes! I am very proud of myself for achieving what I thought was not going to be possible! Just wanted to shout about it!!.

Tracey xxxx

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Wow - well done topcat !

i know how you feel - i used to do lots of aerobic type dance classes and am now relegated to acquaerobics! but i still enjoy it and feel lucky to be able to do that !

we must congratulate ourselves on all our physical achievements as most of the time it is

hard enough to get up and out - isnt it ! !

Once again, well done and i am giving you a big pat on the back for it ! xxxxxxxxx



Hi Tracey, Well done, you have reason to shout. Amazing.

Love Alison x


Glad you shouted about it, you should be very proud of yourself. Well Done!

Mary x


Tracey well done reason to be cheerful part one, waiting for your next achievement. sylvi.xx


Thanks guys!!! I'm going in with the motto, while I still can, I bloody well will!!! Xxxx


Brilliant Topcat - now that's what I call true Olympian spirit! TTx


big cheers! well done! regards, sandra


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