Au revoir

Au revoir

What Ho Peeps.

'tis I,from here in Cold Comfort Farm. Well it is time to say a fond farewell - but don't panic - only for a little while. We are off to foreign climes to have a little bit of R and R (my least favourite saying in the whole world!!!) So pretentious!

I digress - again. We are off for a couple of days to good old sunny - yes you guessed it - Cornwall.! Mevagissy is going to be battening down the hatches and boarding up the shops because me and the Rt. Hon Leader are going to paint the town a little shade of pink methinks!

The poor old soul (the Rt Hon) has another birthday coming up and he hates getting old so he goes away hoping that he doesn't get another year older. He is as barmy as I am... and the poor old feller has just started to take his Blood Pressure Tablets because I finally got him to the doctors about his raging BP. He didn't want to do it, because he knew that starting the tablets would mean no going back. On them for life - well doh! join the blooming club - so he needs a rest. Hmmmmm....

So we are leaving the farm, during this quiet time, in the incapable hands of number one son and heir and hope to goodness it's still here when we get back.

What's this got to do with RA I hear you ask!!!?? Well naff all really.... and I apologise for inappropriately blogging. :-)

I would report that perkily speaking, I am definitely a bit more of it - perky that is - and feeling a little bit more like my new self. I shall never feel like my old self, unfortunately. Apart from crunchy wrists and hips and knee, and a little bit of stiffy fingers in the morning, Ra-wise I am doing ok. I tried leaving off the painkillers but I find I still have to have them on the days I go to work on t'farm.

Or if I do anything other than sit on my botty really.

I shall come back renewed and invigorated. My PT bouncer is on order and I have purchased an enormously expensive pair of sandals. I apologise for the fact that they actually cost £99 (yes one pounds short of a monkey) but they are built for comfort and for walking. They are called Wolky and are hand built in Holland, with cork insoles (which you can remove but I haven't figured out why you would want to?) with a layer of memory foam. I test drove them in Sainsburys on Saturday and they were absolutely blooming lovely, felt like walking on cotton wool and my ankles did not get tired nor did I get the now obligatory back ache after a while. They were great.

Any road up, I am going on a bit. But I would say that on my return, next week I shall get onto the exercise regime I have sorted for myself, i.e. swimming on Tuesday mornings, bouncing on my new bouncer, and taking it easy in between! Fingers crossed I shall not overdo things. I have been spurred on by my weight loss (now 13lbs - I stalled a bit when I wasn't feeling tickity boo).

So au revoir my dear friends. I recently read somewhere that Noel Coward used to say this when he went to the toilet. Apparently he had a villa on the French Riviera and he learnt that the sewage went directly into the sea, and when he flushed the loo, he used to say "This is not goodbye, only au revoir". Now he had a funny sense of humour!

So, tara a bit....

Take care Julie xx

P.S. When I read this through, I thought I might not come back because there will be this enormous credit card bill waiting for me... I told myself not to order those sandals. oooerrrr...

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Well Au revoir my friend enjoy the Cornish riviera, I my self and a load of wrinklies including my love of my life hubs are heading to French France at the crack of dawn Friday, we are going to the Somme staying in Amiens by the cathedral. I travelgirl as I was booked this for hubs as he is very interested in the history of WW1 I took him last year as well but that was Belgium. I will do my humira jab on Thursday night take my MTX one with me for Sat night patch myself up with fentynl and take my 5mg steroids a day. Likewise new sandals, I thank Alison for her input when buying them she was chief box holder and sorter of the ones that did not fit etc. cost wise not as much as yours mine £34.99 why .99 it so annoying but we fall for it it's not 100 pound its only 99.99 hummmm

So my little chicken chaser literally with that wonderful weight loss WELL DONE go girl, I will talk to you next week but I do hope to meet you in June.

best wishes



Hi Tricia thanks, yes I am going to the do in June and will speak to you soon. Thanks for the encouragement and have a good time away. I posted a reply yesterday but for some reason it's now here??? I really don't know how I do it sometimes. Like you I often loose my copy so I cut and paste from Word now..

See you and take care Julie xx


Birthday wishes to his nibs, hope you both enjoy your time out. Love that Sainsbury's got the dry run - were you painting things pink in there too? xx


Thanks Jo, first time i have enjoyed walking around the supermarket in ages! :-)


Hi Julie, yes have a lovely well earned rest you deserve it, take care but most of all enjoy yourself.

Well done on that weight loss you should be very proud of yourself, glad your other half as sorted out his BP something you can't afford to ignore.

Anyway, have a good time and rest look after yourself.

Mandy xx


Thanks you Mand. I shall probably put a bit back on whilst I'm away but I am going to try and be good because it makes you feel so much better than being stuffed and bloated!


Brilliant blog as always. I enjoyed reading it. My friend has phoned me this morning and we too are fancying taking to the air in a plane of course and going for a holiday possibly in the Land of the Pharohs (is that how you spell it). Its so long since I have been on a single ladies hol I may just die of excitement. Anyway you have a brilliant time I love Cornwall. We used to go there a lot with our caravan when the girls were small. Love love those cornish pasties.


Hi Sharon. thanks for the kind comments. I hope you manage to get away and have a good time. Cornwall is nice, and it doesn't take long to get there from here - so that's a bonus, we both hate the driving bit. I shall try and avoid and cornish pasties as nice as they are, because they make my tummy burn. :-p


great blog have a great hol in lovely new money/ mean monkey !!lol sandals



Thanks Alison, will you be trying to come to the NRAS do in June? If so, perhaps we can met up and go together from Gloucestershire? Speak when I get back take care

Julie xx


Hi Julie,

Glad to hear that you are feeling tickety-boo in time for your break - have had many happy hols in Cornwall in my time:-)

The sandals sound fab - I'm sure that the 'mind-fog-fatigue' elements of RA could be applied to the price of said sandals!

Have fun,

Cece x


Hi Gina, yes you could be right about the fog thing...... :-)



Proabaly too late but I have a sneaky feeling you might visit an internet cafe! Have a fantastic holiday you deserve it. I am dying to hear all about it & new sandles! I want a link at the least! As for the bouncing I hav'nt ordered mine yet, am going to let a few of you test drive and review. I am too impulsive, hence wardbrobe of shoes I can't wear! Au Revoir , and as we say here (well we don't really) Slan Leat xxx Gina.

ps. Your Queen Elizabeth is passing my office in Dublin tomorrow! the security in Dublin is very overbearing at moment as Barrack & David Cameron expected soon too!!!


Oh my goodness Gina, I didn;t realise you would be that close to royalty, I shall tell you about the sandals on my return, I am off in a mo. and Sian Leat to you too. Julie xx


Loved the blog, keep'em coming! :)

Have a lovely break and hope the sun manages to pop out for a little while at least! Happy Birthday to the Rt Hon and hope said anniversary quietly passes him by on this occasion.

Hope you are able to make it to the NRAS birthday bash; I shall look forward to meeting you :)

Enjoy the hols,

Lyn x.


Thanks Lyn. Yes he hopes if he isn't home he won;t have one? He's a funny old feller, and it has to be a bit dappy to be with me? :-)

So thanks for the good wishes and yes I shall be coming to the Birthday Bash so be prepared, you will see me in the flesh!!! eeeek I am real and not computer generated!

Julie xx


I wish I could come too and meet all you lovely ladies...maybe next year (or the year after) our funds will allow a little trip down south! x


have a great time will give your kind offer serious consideration xx


hi julie

I can answer you question re the lowlanders shoes having removable insoles. People here (in holland at the mo) are very in touch with their feet so to speak. There are any number of podiatrists and although expensive it only takes a week to get fitted with insoles. Many people have their own prescription insoles and decent shoes have removable insoles so you can put your own in. My feet were the first thing to suffer and I got my insoles before I got RA (diagnosis).

Have a fab holiday

.....eve x


Hi Eve just spotted your reply. I wondered why you could remove them, now that makes sense. The ones in the Wolkys I purchased are brilliant anyway. I am looking at the boots for winter,but haven't yet looked at the price! Cheers.

Julie xx


Sorry this is belated but hope you have a great holiday

fiona xx


Sounds just the job -- Relax and enjoy

I am off the France next week for 12 nights so hoping for good

weather and r and r as well


Have a lovely time and leave some good weather down there for us as we are going to polperro next month for two weeks.So hopefully we'll come refreshed as well.

sylvi. x


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