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Another strange day. Eyes hurt so do my pinkies.My toes are hurt as well. I went out to the farmers market this morning and then we went to bedworth to get a chicken for sunday lunch and i went onto the market and got hubby a pair of slippers as he spilt turps on his other pair. When we got back we had a lubch and then i fell asleep.

I am tired of being ill all the time i am either tired or exhausted. I try to be upbeat about what happens to me,but some days i can't and this day is one of those days. Yes i could cry for england today, suppose if i have a good cry it might help. I am sitting here yawning and rubbing my hands.

The weather doesn't help either,my brother is in corfu and he had text me to tell me it is 100f out there,here we will be lucky if it gets to 15c. I believe it is going to be nice tomorrow,so i am hoping i will be brighter.

So here's hoping you are all brighter.......

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Hi Sylvia, I am sorry to hear how you are feeling today, I dont know if it will make u feel any better, But I am having a massive BAD Day, I woke at 3:45 pm, I was completely freezing, and my legs just kept moving and moving, I was having a Massive Fibro attack, which completely played H**^ on My RA, In not being able to stop my body crawling in muscle pain, I was aggravating the RA I was in Soo Much pain and discomfort, all I could do was Cry as it HURT SOOO BAD, I text Clare my Carer and she came I took extra pain tablets, and she went to Shop for me and sat here with me for about an hour had tea, and a couple hugs. I dont know wha I would have done without her, I feel sooo Alone when I go through this and I am all alone, and all I can do is feel tears run down my face, some days I really dont want to exist, and I am so alone in all of this here, In a place where I feel none of the people who were my friends could give a damn how I am doing or if I died, I never expected my life to be this miserable. I do However Wish You all the Hugs and warmth and Love to make You feel Better today, You are such a Lovely Lady and very special to me, so Please be well, we will speak soon. God Bless



I know your worse than me,but please don't talk about dying.I have fibro as well and it is a pain in the a""e. My eyes are like pandas eyes and they are sore as well,thats how i know i am having a flare. I spoke to my rheumy nurse on friday and i was telling her about my ra and she said your fibro is bad as well and i had to say it was.

I am your friend and don't you forget it. I will message you with my house phone no. ok. Then when your having a bad time you can ring me alright. I have bob and i know how lucky i am, but you have me even if i don't live near you. Love sylvia.xx


I have messaged you through nras check the message section on here.xx


Oh babes, I hope your doing better now you've had some extra meds? you may be alone physically where you live, but you have a wealth of friends here who do give a damn. You carer sounds like a great person who came at your time of need. Sylvi is an amazing person who has given me strength through some down days. Give her a call and talk it through with her. I'm sure she can offer her wise words and comfort. Much love. Angie xx


oh sylvi and lisa so sad you are are both so bad at moment i sure hope it soon passes and like you say maybe if this weather was better lots of us would feel better.lisa i hope you so see the end of the tunnel soon have you got any family near by that can help,gentle love and hugs to you both so wish i could make the pain go for you both xxx


It will pass,but the fatigue won't and that gets me down. I hope tomorrow will bring some sunshine and we can get outside. I might be able to get my rocking chair out in the sun and watch the world go by.xx


Dear Sylvi and Liza,

Sylvi, I am trying to find the right words to help you through these tough times but there are none - just know that the rest of us here on this forum are with you in spirit. You are so generous in your support of others.

Liza, I have been down that same road of despair and hopelessness. It is not something you can just 'buck yourself out of' when you get so low and in so much pain but deep down inside you have the strength (listen to Pete's post by Labi Siffre). Don't give in, never give up, do just one thing today to indulge yourself - spoil yourself and let yourself know that you are worth it.

If it is of any help to you, I referred myself for counselling at my GP's suggestion, I also spoke to my rheumy nurse and told her that I had reached a point where I simply wasn't coping. Just doing that for myself got the wheels in motion and the rest of the rheumy team started talking to each other about me. I know it sounds terribly corny but by doing this, rather than feeling that I was a failure or weak I felt that I was telling myself that I was worth the care and by getting the response from the team they reinforced that feeling that I was not alone.

I found an exercise class for the less able at my local leisure centre and although I felt really, really uncomfortable about going I was made to feel incredibly welcome. When I observed the aqua swim class I was concerned that it was going to be too demanding for me and fearful that I would end up with a flare (which I did a bit but it is passing).

What struck me though was seeing a couple of beautiful young women leaving the pool via the hoist. One had MS and had no strength in her legs so brought her wheelchair to the poolside. The other, I assume, had some sort of stroke had lost the use of one side of her body and had terrible scarring on her head.

I asked them about how they managed in the class and they said " oh we don't do all of the excercises, we just do what we can and then chat during the bits which are too hard for us" Come and join us in the naughty corner next week - we're always getting told off for talking"

I feel I have something to look forward to tomorrow.

I've got some sunshine here in Devon this morning - I hope you have some in Cornwall too so can enjoy a bit of warmth on your body.

Take care

Judy xx


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