That moment

Do you ever get a moment in your life that you know at the time you are not gonna forget it. I have a few

Holding my hands up in the rain at glasto

Lying on a deserted beach in Antigua

And last night, my friend last year collapse in front of his wife, she with no training managed to do CPR until the ambulance came. He spent three weeks in itu and had heart bypasses, shocked etc.

well last night was his 50 th birthday party, all his friends and family were the and he made a speech and the band played, " it's a new dawn , it's a new day, it's a new day ...for me... And I'm feeling good. " great song for him.

I was stood hugging his wife and looking at him there so happy and thinking what could have been, that moment I will remember.

But think all of us his mates later on fuelled with booze enjoyed our rendition of staying alive!

Any of you got moments to share?


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  • The moment for me would be when I was handed my daughter after giving birth, all the heartache and pain was taken away in an instant. I had trouble conceiving and loosing babies before finally holding the girl of my dreams. Her dad was too frighten to hold her as she was too precious to him as well. At the time I remembered the words of one of the many ambulance drivers that I had encountered, 'You will hold a baby of your own one day'. And he was right. xx

  • Lovely xx

  • Like Georje,it was being given my Grace,i was losing her during labour and she was an emergancy section and my hubby was with me during the op and his face when he was handed her is one i will never forget. She has been the apple of her daddys eye ever since and she will soon be 29yrs,now my george i popped him out like a pea in a pod.xxxx

  • Love that expression and picture of George's birth! xxx

  • Awwwww

  • How lovely ladies must be quite a moment with having children. I never manage it but i do have a step son he fills the void bless him The moment for me was when my darling dad survived a hart attack it was nothing like your friends experience. I must add. We did lost him many years later though to cancer that was the worst for me ever xx

  • Ye took me 10 years to have mine! Talk about it was the best of times the worst of times.

  • Never had a baby myself. I leave that sort of stuff to my wife:-) but the unforgettable moment for me was walking my little girl down the aisle when she got married. Now they have given us two beautiful grandchildren. Still brings a tear to the eye remembering the day.

  • Hey detecg!! U got a banner!! Great stuff, the more the merrier and a male perspective will also be good I think. Well done on volunteering xx

  • Ye think I will blubb all the time and need sunglasses at our kids weddings when it's their turn !!! Mmm note to self start saving!

  • Blur's reunion gig 3 years ago at Hyde Park, it was just the best (until I got a bottle on the head!!) at least the top was on, lol!!

  • Omg. I was there!!! And glasto that year when the did Tender and at t in the park that year when the nearly caused a riot being four hours late, ta Graham Coxon!!

  • What a small world!!

    Am seeing the Stone Roses on Friday night, let's see if my knees can take dancing to Fools Gold, it's a long one...........

    Happy memories you've stirred up in your blog

  • Saw the stone roses last year atV festival !

  • What other ones you got coming up?

    I've got Kings of,Leon on 12 June

    I haven't been to a festival for years, my ex and I used to go but would never get my husband to one. I have to find friends to go to gigs with who like the same bands, I've only ever got him to one in the 14 years I've known him, that was the Kaiser Chiefs

    Luckily I've got friends with the same tastes........although once I roped a friend into seeing Catatonia at Brixton Academy with two hours notice and didn't ask her what music she liked, turns out her favourite band was Soul to Soul so not her cup of tea at all!!.

  • You going to love Kings of Leon saw them two years back at hyde park words can't say how fab there were. ENJOY X

  • I'm so excited, i've heard they're brilliant live. this is another one my husband said no to so i'm taking one of my staff as she's so great and very supportive. Have booked the following day off work to recover!!

  • y're gona need it but boy y;re love it xxx

  • Ok got glastonbury then Leeds festival !! If u wanna join in sometime just message me!

    Saw KOL but I found them lacking in stage presence apart from two or three main tunes. My hubby is the same not interested in festiavals. He paraglides whilst I am festivals!!!

  • Oops just reasd ur and. Miss comments , we can't all like everyone. But looking. Forward to the stones, artcic monkeys, rufus wainwright and nick cave and green day!

  • Wow you're packing them in, good for you

    Next question:

    First single bought

    First gig

    Who you'd love to see but never have

    My answers to get this started are

    The Groover- T Rex

    The Jam 1979


  • Pinky and Perky!! They were singing puppett pigs!

    Salvation, later became Slik then Ultravox

    Prince! (Seeing the stones this summer to tick off the big one I have wanted, so excited)

    But Prince would be a moment!!

  • Yes,....defo having children...we waited have a baby then two came along...

    and like Allanah says ....the worst of times the best of times.....

    They are a complete blessing....

    12 hour labour followed by an emergency section....( they arirved via the sunroof my hubby says!!)...6lbs 3oz.......5lbs 11ozs....perfect...x..... They have just turned 18.....

  • 18? Bet its gone quickly!

  • Way too fast..........I want to turn the clock back.....

  • AW, mine to! One 25, one 24 both living with lovely girls. Katy about togo into 6th form... So fast !

  • We are into A Levels...both hoping to go to UNI , its a house of stress, study, stress........

    Great that the boys have got lovely girls......

    It only seems 5mins ago the girls were starting 6thform/ were nearing the end,...and finals and proms....and dresses, and presentations....and more UNI visits, I want them to do well and be happy and fulfilled but i want them to stay at home with me tooo!!

  • Katy has her prom on July 5 th too, cost a bomb but she will look lovely I think. Then we r into A level stress, but got two more weeks of gcse stress left!! I will be lost when she goes to Uni, when my boys went one then the other the next year it was hard , so both together will be hard for you I think xxxx

  • I put one of my moments of childbirth on here as a blog recently so will have to think of another. I love your one of holding your hands up in the rain at Glastonbury - that's very evocative. One of mine was sitting with my newly wedded hubby on some rocks in the sunshine on one of the Orkney islands where we had recently come to live - with a warm mist all around us - looking down at my dad who was sitting on a small coral white cove with his back to us and his walking stick (gout and diabetes) laid down by his side. We both smiled as he picked up stones in his hands and played with them, weighing each one up for a minute or two beforereplacing it while his white hair blew in a the light breeze. He sat there in a contemplative state for about 30 minutes and we both just sat and watched him. Can't explain why this was one of those moments really.

    Also when my boys have been in concerts - both rock and classical - and drama productions too. There's nothing like it!

  • Aww, reminded me of my lovely dad! We went to Durham and he was amazed at he cathedral. In all innocence he patted the door handles and said lovely knockers!! We all laughed for years about that one, lovely memory

  • Mine was holding my first grandchild straight after her birth. Her mum had an aga bout, and needed help. I held her within minutes of being born, it was quicker than when i had my own. I shall never forget.


  • Lovely!!! Must have been an honour xx

  • Joy!just had Katy and her two friends for a BBQ and playing guitar in our garden. They played lazy on a sunny afternoon by the kinks , lovely day xx

  • Yes I have a banner Allanah . Whoopee a bloke with a banner!

  • A bloke with a hammer would be better!!

  • Was using a hammer drill tonight. And NO before you ask it wasn't anything to do with dentistry! I was putting a blind up, the final part of the kitchen redecoration. Everything is now blues and purples. We (and that's the royal we) even went and bought a new purple microwave.

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