We will rock you

We will rock you

Hello, been awful sore still and now legs joining in ! But yes I did go see Queen on Tuesday and absolutely and utterly fell in love with Adam Lambert!!!

His version of Killer Qeen lounging (on a runway in the middle of the audience ) on a chaise lounge wearing sparkling glitter boots, the tightest leather pants I have ever seen, drinking champagne( Moët et Chandon of course) and fanning himself , will staywith me!!!!

Also he did Save Me as a ballad. I really just ding sling but he made the lyrics do real I was in tears( save me , save me I can't spend a night alone, save me save me I'm naked and I'm far from home) awww Brian May is a legend of course and Roger and his very good looking son had a drum off! So talented!

Then drove home skidded loads of times in the snow asrrgh.

And since have had bad legs lol but SO worth it. X

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  • Darn it again picture sideways cannot get it to change sorry you may have to squint a bit!!

  • Sounds absolutely fantastic. Lucky you. what a great show to see.

  • So glad you have had something nice to enjoy even if you have paid for it since. You deserve something nice happen to you after a few weeks of worry and pain darling.xxxx

  • Saw them in the seventies..showing my age! So jealous. It sounds wonderful.

  • Sounds amazing

  • I watched the show on New Years eve and thought he made a pretty good impersonate of Freddy.

  • Argh no Georje! That's the point ... He's not Freddy, he's Adam , he's much more out there than Freddy was. He does Queen songs to keep them alive and is a Queen fan. He's not and doesn't want to be Freddy . It's strange but the live shows are so much more vibrant and modern for his own versions of the songs, it doesn't feel like a karaoke at all. It was great xx

  • Still have my "Guaranteed to Blow your Mind" T-shirt. Maybe my son will think again. He was going to take me to see them but neither of us were won over by the New Year's Eve show.

    Think a lot of people are loving that you rock on regardless Allanah. Wish I could send a healing balm to take away the soreness for a while. But no doubt you are smiling from time to time as you relive the experience. I'm now going to have a blast of "Hammer to Fall" because perhaps paradoxically I find it so full of life. I'm ready, I'm ready, I'm sitting on the edge of my seat.

  • Ye Adam seemed So nervous at the new year show , rest assured you put him in front of a stadium audience he comes alive !

  • And you want it all!!! Xx

  • I can understand why you were moved by Save Me Allanah. If you can get lost in music & lyrics whilst surrounded by thousands of people that's powerful writing. So few songs can do that. x

  • So glad you enjoyed it and jelous of course! My first record was a single of queens "don't stop me now". Hope the sore legs ease soon love. Gentle hugs x x

  • Delighted you had such a great evening Alannah. ;-) I cant wait ... Our Queen show is Tuesday. I always thought of Save Me as a ballad ;-) I was at Hammersmith Odeon when they filmed for the video for the single but didn't use all of it, otherwise I could have been on. They used more animation in it in the end which is what you will remember ... the Japanese girl/type animation and bridge/dove. I feel sad but excited about going to see them. Knebworth was my last/Queen's last show but I went to the Freddie/Aids Tribute the next year and also saw Roger on his own tour in the 90's. So, haven't seen Mr May in person for some time though. I've been following their more recent careers on the Net, etc. As I said before, I had the great pleasure to meet them (twice!) by chance, in 1978 and 79 so have a very soft spot for them as they were wonderful to talk to, but always been a Queen Connoisseur. Been a fan since 1973 and even though I adored Freddie, I have every respect for what Adam is doing and he is superb. Always liked him before he hooked up with R & B. It will be a special evening and emotional, yes. Two shows in one week (not two Queens) so I will be tired but another fave artist in Leeds this week too. Glad the show gave you a great boost and will let you know how ours goes. I hope you get a few more organised. We've had a lot recently and a few more booked .. Rival Sons, Morrissey and others. I love those glitter boots AL wears!! I haven't forgotten to update on my Rheumy review ... psyching myself up for it ... and the physio session the week before .... left me totally fed up. Less on that. Take Care Alannah and thank you for the great photo! NK xx

  • Have a fabulous time and let us know what you think. If u go onto brian may.com there are photos, reviews of the tours and photos brian takes of the audience x

  • Thank you. Yes seen them ... with his selfie stick ;-) I subscribe to his FB/website etc! I will love it tomorrow I know as I have loved F & R since the start ;-) Think AL is amazing since he was on Pop Idol or whatever he did! always knew he would end up with them!! Just the matter of a swollen throbbing jaw/inflamed tooth nerve and antibiotics to deal with. Bad timing. xx

  • Oops as above!

  • Ok look at the last one of newcastle , the only fuzzy one, two people near block 101 there are two black dressed women, that's us!!

  • I will do Allanah !

  • Had a look at all of his audience/selfie Newcastle ones but not sure where I am looking for you, Alannah as all off Bri's seem a bit fuzzy .. as he said .. still working on his photography on these! Can you upload it here? ;-) You will not see me I don't think at Leeds. The Leeds Arena seats are not as much of a gradient as these in Newcastle. There is a high wall before the first seats where we will be. It isn't a full areaa ... strange they call it that as it is half to 3/4 of an arena! Weird. It is a great view though but I am sure they will have much more precise/better sound than Slash .. their sound got a bit lost up in the seats, and boomy also under the seating. May not get on later tonight to see your photo but will come back soon. My anaesthetic wearing off big time now on the tooth. x

  • Ouch , feel better soon x

  • Thanks for that Allanah - hoping my son will reconsider. x

  • So chuffed you had a great time Allanah! Victoria and I are both massive Queen fans and have debated about Adam a lot in the past. I wasn't too keen but I think he's improved and I was surprised to find I really enjoyed the NYE performance! I was supposed to see the Paul Rogers tour about 10 years ago but the London bombings postponed this and I couldn't go!

    I will reconsider booking if they tour again with Adam! Rest up and looking forward to your next adventure :)

  • Yes you really should, if u read the reviews on gig wise. Com the journalist goes as far as " best show I have ever seen!!!"

    Thanks and ye still resting up , !! U pay the price x

  • That's quite a statement. I do need to see Dr May and Rog before they can't play any more!

  • Lol !! Yep we r all getting old but there were lots of new young fans there!

  • Sounds like a brilliant night.....one of my biggest regrets is never seeing Freddie live.....but from what you are saying Freddie would be approving of Adam.

  • He would have loved A , and I'm really glad I saw Freddie , xx

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