A couple of weeks ago, I wrote a blog about our dog Tessa. Some of you asked that I keep you up to date with her progress so here goes (get a tissue handy).

Tessie was poorly and suffering with aggressive cancer. We tried chemo after consulting with the vet and after one dose, she really perked up and seemed alot brighter but it didn't last and this week has been incredibly difficult and painful.

Tess was not herself, did not want to eat or do anything and we took the almost impossible decision to have our precious little dog put to sleep. It was one of the most difficult things we have ever had to do but we know it was right.

Tessa was a month off reaching 15 years of age. She had a fabulous life, she was loyal, fun, daft but so special and I will take comfort from all the good times we spent with her and the joy she bought to our lives.

The hole she leaves feel so huge at the moment but I know that will ease. God bless you Tess, we will miss you so much. x

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  • Mags what can i say to ease your pain,they are like children aren't they. You know you took the right decision however much it hurts. I will send you cyber hugs and pray for better days for you both.

    Love sylvi.xx

  • Jeez, what can I say ...

    But here is the main point "She had a fabulous life" and there you go, what more can a pet want than to be loved by loving "parents"

    Pets put holes in your heart when they go, I have many holes in my heart as I am sure many pet lovers here do too ... BUT ... when the time is right give another pet a fabulous life as there are many out there that don't ...

    Take care

    Pete X

  • sorry for your loss. it's so hard to lose a beloved pet.

    play pain free at the rainbow bridge Tessa.

  • So sorry for your loss.. it is so hard she had a good life with you xx

    I think that picture on this blog shows how lovely she was and Im hoping you will put it up in a nice frame so you can look at her every day xx

    Take care

    Alison x

  • I'm so sorry to hear your sad news Mags. You did your best for your girl her whole life and in the end you did your best for her too. I hope your pain is eased by your many happy memories.

    Take care

    Paula x

  • It's never an easy choice to make but as you loved her so you let her go, which is the only thing a loving, caring, parent can do when the time has come. My dog Millie developed a brain tumour at 8 and she was put to sleep at 8.5....this was 3 years ago and I miss her every day. Xxx

  • oh tess that is very sad, my heart goes out to you and your family because it is such a significant loss.

  • Mags,

    So sorry to hear you've had to make that decision, never an easy thing to do but I'm sure it was the kindest thing for your beloved dog.

    Thinking of you and your family.

    Mary x

  • My heart goes out to you. I can say no more than that. You had to love her enough to let her go as I did Tag but she is with me every day even though I now have two new bundles of mischief. I will never ever forget her as you won't your Tessie but just remember how priveleged you were to have her in your life.

    God bless to you both

    B xxx

  • what a horribly sad thing to have to do, and I really feel for you having to make that hard decision. you know you did the best thing for her, and I'm so sorry that the treatment didn't give her longer. but it sounds as if you had a great time together right up to the end. Polly

  • Aaahh Mags, never an easy thing to do. I had to have my 13 year old German Shepherd put to sleep a couple of years ago and I was gutted. You did your best and I think it was time by the sounds of it.


  • Oh what sad, sad news. My heart goes out to you. After 15 years together you will have built up a relationship strong enough to know that you have done what is best for her.

    Run free Tessa, run free.

    Big Hugs Mags.



  • It was the right decision - but it doen't make it any easier. I've been through it with my Ben - it was the worst thing I've ever had to do. I still talk to him every day. Tess is in a better place and no more pain. Love xx

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