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Hi All,

I have been very busy with work and life so although have popped on have not had much to say! Still hav'nt really. I got bit of shock this eve while checking my email. Remember I had that MRI for my ankle in June? Well apparently the Consultant wrote to me calling me in to talk about it - Gulp! Today, I got an email from his secretary, saying he wants to talk to me. Oh oh! My ankle ok, well I can manage, apparently he was very concerned upon examination of my poor hoof that I cant raise on balls on right foot, anyway, he made all this ankle surgery sound very serious, something like 6 weeks off your feet totally and then 6 weeks pottering (thats 3 months) then another 12 weeks getting back to normal, could that be right and sounds very painful. Even the thoughts of using crutches on my Rheumatoid damaged wrists. Oh I am getting quite stressed. What did better half say, we'll have to wait to talk to the doc, not a bit concerned (well its not him is it?)

Its my tendon apparently thats damaged and maybe if I don't get it fixed I will develope OA on otherside again Gulp! The thing is who is going to mind me? It can't be my 83 year old mum again! I don't think Hubby can as he works for himself and although well intentioned....... My daughters both work full time, my son away? I'm scared. Has anyone any experience of ankle tendon surgery? Can they fix you? Does it work? is it worth the pain. I am confused. I went to have him look at my bunion, not a bit of it, he was much more interested in my ankle.

On a happier note, I am planning a party for my big birthday on 20/8, and in fact emailed ortho guy back to say scedule a consult for after 20/8 because I don't want to know the bad news of my MRI until after the celebration!

Another thing better half said is 'thats good is'nt it, they are going to fix you'? He just does'nt get it.


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  • There are other alternatives to traditional crutches. When I had my bilateral knee replacements, I was not able to use a crutches or a traditional walker. There are forearm crutches and forearm attachments that can be added to walkers.

    This is an example of such a walker.

  • Thanks that helps.

  • Hi Gina

    I have had 4 lots of ankle/foot surgery and happy to help if you want to give me a ring. I'm in meetings all day today but next in the NRAS office on Tuesday 2nd.

    I hope I can reassure you.

    Ailsa (CEO NRAS)

  • Thanks Ailsa, will check what exact procedure if after my consult end of August and give you a buzz then.

  • Hi Gina.

    It does sound rather daunting doesn't it. It's a very stressful situation. I am sure having a talk with Ailsa will really help.... husbands are so very practical aren't then (except my first one - he must have been the exception to the rule!) Ha.

    Keep you pecker up gal, you will get through it I am sure. Don't think about what ifs, have yourself a real good birthday celebration. We are all here to support you. Take care

    Julie xxx

  • Hi Gina,when my husband broke his leg last year, he was released from hospital with what is called a K9. It was the only one the hospital had but it enabled him to scoot about by resting his knee on it,holding the handle and scooting along. It was a godsend even though I had to carry the thing up and down stairs at night = not good for my RA either. He was also lent a walking frame which he never used as it was too wide for our doorways and a friend lent a wheelchair which again he never needed to use. The K9 was enough.

    Hope that helps. LavendarLady x

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