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R.A. - Work & all the hoops employers make us jump thru!


I have to share my todays work experience. I told my manager the date of my op, and she said could I get a note from Consultant re the op. So I emailed the surgeons secretary and she emailed me a very detailed letter from him on headed paper and signed by him, very detailed about MRI & what he proposed to do. (scary) About 6 paragraphs and inviting to whom it may concern to contact him if they had any queries. I think it was more or less a copy of the letter he had sent to my Rheum Consultant.

Anyway, I frwrded the email to my HR dept, thinking what a good employee am I? All organised & up front - sorted - right? WRONG!

Got a very snotty email this evening before I left. The HR Dept of ..... does not accept doc reports by email. get a paper copy.!

In our line of work, we are paperless and legally 'true' copies of scanned invoices etc outward are accepted in Court!!! We insist as we scan everything .

I talked to a pal of mine in work, as felt a bit upset, I am working there 30 years! did they think the surgeons letter a forgery, was I going to arthroscopically cut my own ankle on one side & slice the other, and then maybe revisit it and hack another tendon if it did'nt work out!

Anyway, my pal who is a barrister said all HR companies are like that nowadays, and for me not to get upset about their policies, she said if I got into anything with them, they can make it very difficult to return to your job!!! They also look for weekly certs, how am I going to get them if I can't walk. They ring you every week to 'see how you are' when your getting your ass back to your desk more like!

I tell you its politically correctness gone mad, I'm just a number not a person! One rule for everyone and no individual cases considered.

I am venting, I don't need xanax, its just annoying. What do you think?

I did get my lovely new curvey ergonomic keyboard & roller ball mouse today - mixed messages eh? - oh and a snide comment from the I.T. guy who connected it all up, about his arthritis!!!. I said if he needed to type anything he could come and use it. B......!

xxx Gina.

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You can get a consultant or Drs certificate written for longer than a week that is silly, surely a month is more appropiate?they seem to be petty? about lots of things?


I've handed in a sick note at my place which covers me for three months I do need to phone in once a week and have been subjected to visits from hr who pretend to care a but I know they are only there on mds orders.


No summer when I was out for 4 months at the time of my initial diagnosis, they insisted on a weekly cert. They are very petty!


Definitely an HR person shaped doll and some long pins to stick in it's mouth then Gina!!!

Cece x


Oh Gina you have a whole department to deal with i have only the one person and her sidekicks. Even though it could be policy or whatever, there should be a few human beings in hr. As if you haven't enough to put up with.

My GP sent the fit to return to work in stating that i could do my work from home rather than stay a further week off sick my line manager give it back to me and asked me for a proper one. We are a small organisation and a bit lax and never before has anyone ever been asked for a fit to return to work after one month never mind a year.

And as for your IT guy ........where do these people come from! Gits.

why don't you video the op and have it for a future training day in the HR department..



When i was off my GP gave me fit notes for 2 months no problem and work were fine can't understand this policy.I think a lot of large companies do call once a week when your'e off and i also had a home visit but it was fine-i think the line manager just needed to tick all the HR boxes.As for the guy with arthritis we've all met a few like him.I do like the voodoo doll idea though


Buying voodoo doll tmoro! Probably need w

hole family with a box of pins, sorry damn iPad jumps a bit! My daughter wants me to stop worrying boutvthem, I do tend to get obsessive and worried, thanksfor ur support,



Political correctness gone mad. I agree your just a number, they don't care. I like your idea about filming your op. Until you've been there people don't know what they are talking about. Its folks like your lovely people on here who have helped through my ordeal this year. I thought i was going mad,but you all kept me going by telling me to keep on at the medics. Also are you in a union if so have a talk with them as i think its discrimination.

Best of luck with the op and i hope you have a speedy recovery.

Sylvia. xx


Hi All,

Quick update, apparently it was all a 'bit of a misunderstanding'. I snapped off an email to my manager this morning asking her for a copy of the H.R. email saying they don't accept emailed docs (mine was Ortho Surgeon) reports, just for my 'own records'

Well, she toppled over to my desk in her heels & power dress, all smiles, and 'oh dear she had deleted it immed' & now thinks it was just 'in general they prefer not emails' and I need'nt bother getting paper copy!!!!

Maybe someone had tipped her off that I had mumbled yesterday, that 'I'd have to get legal advise' if they started any nonsense over my op!

I ask you what was all that crap about?? Was it just to upset me?



Probably did get worried if they heard about the legal advice - i reckon they do these things just because they can, power hungry idiots who have little else to do to make them feel justified they have a job and are so important. And then they realise they have went too far and have to pull back quickly. Glad you got it sorted but pathetic that you had to put up with it in the first place.


Hi, I'd like to pick up on Silvi's point about Trade Union support.

My sister went though something similar and the stress really added to her illness. She joined the relevant Union and they had to be copied into all e-mails etc. HR had to deal with her via her Union rep. so she was protected from the evils of HR (or human remains as we call them.) They even had to give up home visits as it counted as "harassment".

Good luck!



I am a member of 'Mandate' and I will bare that in mind. I just feel unions are very weak at the moment and don't want to do anything that would make it difficult for me to go back to work. They'd just love that! But I agree union representation is an option.


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