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The visit with Orthpaedic Johnny!

Yes his name is Johnny, nice man, held my foot the whole time as me and hubs gazed at mri shots of my poor damaged ankle and he explained how he could but would'nt tranplant a tendon from one side of my ankle to the other, but he thought that too risky as new tendon would be smaller and probably would'nt work well.

He thought the better option at this point would be a triple fusion of joints. I will in the long term need an ankle replacement, which are getting better all the time, but not perfected yet, but to get one, my ankle will need to be in correct position, so the arthrocendisis? triple fusion will line my ankle up, but oh he can't really tell how well the other joint will hold up and actually he says I don't have fallen arches after all! it is the tendon that was damaged when RA was uncontrolled that has caused my foot to look and act this way. He also said he might have to go back again and do another fusion does'nt go to plan.

To be quite honest all I heard was 3 month recovery time, and total immobilisation and foot up for 3 weeks (arg how will I go to the loo during the night) Luckily my hubs was listening carefully, and seemed to take in the MRIs well, and could explain it all very well to me afterwards, although I do think he cut the recovery time, in his explanation!. My boss looked worried when I told him this afternoon.

Anyway, I can say when I want it done, so I am thinking November might suit me. I have to say dread thoughts of anaesthetic etc and am in a 'why me' phase tnite. You know that feeling, why my poor joint had to attacked by the very bad and nasty RA.

Let me have your thoughts, especially anyone who has had ankle joints fused how did it work out?

As I mentioned before, surgeon is keeping me on all my meds, does'nt take Rheum patients off them.

Oh I hope I trust him :)

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It sounds like the surgeon has carefully thought of all the options and has chosen what he believes to be the best for you?.. November is probably as good a time as any?.. its great that you get to chose when you have the op.. the waiting times in the ...shire are v long and probably . almost certainly no choice of time for the are blessed in Dublin... I an sure som one like LYN, Mand or Cece have experince of this?

Good luck

Gina xx


Hi Gina, yes that's what I had done, and they said my next one would be a ankle replacement. My first op was nearly 12 years ago now, I had another op about five years after the first one and earlier this year had bone shaving on my right foot, left one next.

It is a lot for you to take in at the moment. It's the recovery that's the hard part I had to spend three months in plaster, and I had both done at the same time.

Having said that I don't regret anything about having the op I know it was the right decision I would most certainly be in a wheelchair now if I hadn't gone for it, and I was told that by the surgeon. I could hardly walk though, well you know what it's like.

We are still young and have a life to live the best way we can and if having an operation like that helps you then that can only be a good thing.

Take care

mand x


Forgot to say Gina the op is called a "Triple arthrodesis" that was my first operation. The second was another joint being fused but not sure which one, along with some of the screws and pins being replaced as they had snapped.


Ht least now its a fibreglass boot, don't think he mentioned plaster!


I had the boots after the plaster was removed.

mand xx


Oh Dear Gina,

Poor you!

lam having what I consider really bad problems at the moment with my Feet, really struggling to walk at all every step is painful|.

I at the moment am waiting for an appointment in two weeks for plaster caStS for special shoes to hopefully help.

And I .thought this was bad enough so I cant imagine what pain you are currently going through.

Hope the op helps out as I'm sure it will I am sure your OT will be able to help out with ideas of how you will get to the toilet in the night. Sounds good that you can choose when to have the op.

Take care and keep us posted

Julie X


So nice to hear of a surgeon who explains everything so carefully - and being given a choice of date is fabulous too! Both my husband and I need an op and as a result our life is a bit on hold - we daren't book a holiday in case the operation dates clash so being given a choice would be excellent.

Hope all goes well and you enjoy a restful Christmas with your feet up! :-)


Hi Gina

If things were different and you had a choice I suppose you wouldn't want any of this. But I reckon where you are located and the doctors you have, you are being well looked after. You came away knowing exactly what was what (I know you didn't take it in) so you know what to expect. Just proves that is it such a good idea that you took hubby with you, bless him.

Hmm sounds like a good idea to be laid up over Christmas, what a brilliant excuse not to have to do all that prepping! Keep well and take care

Julie xx


Hello Julie,

How are you?


Hi Gina. so glad you have at long last been given a diagnosis after all the worry you had. Have a good think about it all and if unsure of anything, give the surgeon a ring. November sounds a really good time to be off your feet for a while - avoid trying to get about in all the bad weather for a start. When my husband broke his fibula near the ankle, he was given something called a K9 by the hospital. It is a little trolley on which he rested his knee and could then scoot about on it. He managed to get to the loo without help from me (although I was exhausted carrying the dam thing up and down the stairs twice a day!).

He did however, have to go up and downstairs on his backside (with me hovering over him) so it did put a strain on his shoulders.

Might be worth asking if your hospital has, or can get hold of, a K9. It was such a useful little gadget and avoided the need for crutches, wheelchair, walking frame, commodes etc. and was incredibly useful.

Hope all goes well with the op. Will be thinking of you. LavendarLady xx


have you thought about having done under epidural. When i had my ligaments stitched back that was what they did to me. You will be asleep, but its different from anashectic, excuse the spelling. It is better for recovery from any op.

I wish you well.

Sylvia. xx


Thanks to all, will be asking about the K9 for sure. It is a different system here and you really would'nt want it by choice. It is very expensive, and if you can't afford it well it not worth telling you how bad it is.

My surgeon says he can't get theater time to deal with people on waiting lists. The hospital I am going to for this is a Sports Surgery Clinic and all private. not fair I know.....

Anyway, told work today and there does'nt seem to be much of a problem, though some people looked surprised. For gods sake to they think I was hobbling round for the last two years because I had a corn!

Talk soon, xxx Gina.


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