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I had my first visit to my new GP today-he looks so young. As expected he hadn't received my notes from the previous surgery. Luckily I had a copy of my last report from the rheumatologist. Briefly told him what had been happening over the last few years. When I told him what my B12 levels were(186) he suggested(without any prompting from me) a course of B12 injections as although 160 was the cutoff he believes in trying the injections with low normal levels(just what I had read). Having the first one on Wednesday. I discussed my low mood with him and he is waiting to see how I am after the injections before adding any more medication.

I left there feeling that he had listened to me. We discussed work and although I have been off for nearly 5 months he feels it is still too early to be thinking of long term plans but he will support me in whatever I decide. He understands what my work entails and how I need to have a good level of dexterity and concentration. He asked me what I have been doing while off so I told him about my counselling course which he thinks is a good idea as it could lead to employment without the need for manual dexterity.

Although disappointed to have left the GP I have been seeing for the last 25+ years I feel it will probably be of benefit to me to be seen by somebody with new eyes.


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  • Thank goodness for that!! Good first impressions can last a lifetime!! Axx

  • That sounds really promising - sometimes young can be good I think - they have the latest theories and practices lodged in their brains more so bring a certain freshness. It sounds to me as if you've left one good GP for another - well done! Tilda x

  • Hi,

    That's good news, sounds as if you got on well. As you say fresh eyes might be a good thing. Hope all carries on this way.


  • Great first impressions! It looks like you're new GP is switched on and really listened to you. Good luck with your B12 injection and I hope you get your low mood sorted out soon.

    Paula x

  • Sounds good and it is nice to find somebody that actually know what they are doing and listen to you xxx

  • That's really positive, thanks. I've got to change my GP soon and was dreading it, so you've made me feel more hopeful about it. Polly

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