Forced to change GP

I have been seeing the same GP now for about 25 years-I actually remember him as a GP trainee in the hospital. I feel he has got to know me well and realises that I only go to the surgery when there is a reason. I moved house a year ago(only 7 miles buT apparently in a different catchement area) I spoke to my GP about this and as I still owned my previous house and may go back ther in another year I kept that address. I have a health insurance that makes my wages up once I have been off work for 6 months. I have started a claim on it.

Last week I contacted the surgery about having copies of all my consultant letters for the last 2 years( rheumatologist, cardiologist, endocrinologist, opthamologist, gastroenterologist). I find when you come away from a consultant you forget what they have said and another asks you a question you don't have an answer to. I also requested copies of my blood results as all the tell me when I ring up is 'they are normal' When I had a phone call from the surgery I thought it was about that but instead I was told they had my new address on their records(apparently my insurance claim had caused them to change it) and I would have to change surgeries. I tried to ask if I could stay as I am moving back there next year and have built up a rapport with my GP(have discussed work etc with him, its him who has signed me off until August). Told them its the last thing I need at this time(my mood is low enough as it is). Was told they would ask them(but did they). They phoned back and said I would have to move. Have now signed up with a new surgery and seeing a GP there in 10 days time. On a positive note it may work out well.... a different set of eyes and I have heard good reports about him( he has also been a GP trainee recently in our local hospital and I remember the request forms we had from him were quite sensible), and it seems easier to get appointments there! The sad thing is that I haven't been able to talk things over with my old GP. he probably know nothing about it. Just needed to get this down on paper-lol

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Thats a shame, especially as you got on well with your doctor. As you say though, you never know this new surgery might be even better, will keep my fingers crossed for you.

Dont blame you having copies of everything, very sensible idea.

Have a good weekend



Thats sad for you when you build up a rappor with a certain Dr you feel at ease with them


It does seem so unfair particularly as your old gp knows you so well. But you are very positive in your outlook so hopefully the new gp will be as good as you have heard..


i was in that position when i moved from the notts area to lincs i had a real good rapport with my old gps as not only did they see me they came to see the residents i looked after at that time and nothing was to much trouble but i found that when i had no choice but to swap surgeries i didnt find that rapport and ive been seeing them for just over 4 years now and the new thing is you cant go with more than one problem you have to have another appointment i found this out on a recent visit so ive just not bothered to go back and the drug ordering is a nightmare you have to give them a full weeks notice before you can have anything


Apparently the Local health Board could pick up on it and the surgery could be in trouble if they kept me. Stupid really as I will probably be back with them in a year. I won't miss the receptionists. Their administration is a bit of a mess and sometimes I have to wait a month for a routine appointment. The new surgery say you will have to wait a maximum of 2 weeks. I will just miss my GP.


You are right to take a positive attitude with regard to the new surgery. 2 opinions are better than 1.

Our surgery have a couple of emergency appointments, worked on a 'sit and wait' basis, tagged on to the end of each surgery it may be worth asking your new surgery if they do the same.


I have had similar problems having to move back to my old address and leaving a surgery where they were very helpful and I was never refused an appt now I am having to push, but stick with it, as yesterday I saw a very nice nurse at the surgery who is the best yet and makes appointments for me it seems the GP's really rely on these nurses, I agree with the receptionists, if you can get past them you are well away! hope it works for you.


When I moved house and GP i had known for many years, I wrote to him to thank him for his care and to say goodbye. I wonder if this may help you too?


I am trying to look on it positively. I will probably be back with him in a year magglen.

The new surgery say that you will be seen on the same day for an emergency and no more than 2 weeks for routine. They seem to be well st up with their nurses too. The one i spoke to said they see diabetic patients at least every 6 months, it was a year in the other surgery, plus i havent had my feet looked at yet-apparently they do it there at each appt. I have also asked about blood results and they said they would print them off for me.

My OH has been saying for a while that i should change as he felt another GP would look at things differently. He thinks sometimes you are better going to somebody you don't know.


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