My dad is out of hospital awaiting .C.T scan etc.. then further ongoing.. etc.. He was discharged without all the discussed procedure being performed, no discharge letter, and no anti biotics. pain killers.. not told much either, as junior drs were on duty at weekend??!!.

I wasnt there at discharge, I had to go by train to Filton College sat morn for some CPD (continuous professional development!).. so was travelling back by train on his discharge.. but wouldnt have been able to get involved any way!

My trip was adventure.. on train.. travelling incognito. or so I though!,. got joined by bunch of porters. from my hosp.. with silly hats and shot glasses and drinking games!!. one porter nice lad was going to be 21 so they were of to weston super mare(mud!!) on a drinking tour!.( wished I was going to the beach for the day,. after a while they recognised me.!.damn where are those dark glasses?!!! Julie you popped them in the post yet!, ?the porters are a nice bunch though.

Any way I got off the train and found that the college was a tad far for me and my new folding floral stick(tad light weight for a long walk!!, more pretty than useful!)

I got there virtually needing stetcher and oxygen. and then it was up a huge curved stair case!!. to the room were I found. the computer had no tilt on the key board.. and I wasnt v happy.and I tired, hot and worried about dad(still in hosp at this stage!) and it took me while to settle!!, then password on computer didnt work.. got sorted in the end!, I had no choice but to attend.. but the timing was bad.

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  • Nooooo..... you so didn't/don't need this on top of everything else. Good old NHS - leaves one wondering sometimes; pushing the CPD & not organising a decent discharge.

    Hope you have been able to get some recovery time in & are not just in nurse/carer mode.

    Thinking about you all


  • thank you have xx I tomorrow off as it will be my birthday 100% me time! I will reach the age shown!. on my profile!. Yes I was /am nurse carer.. my mum rang today. and told me she broke down at her tai chi class.. she said it gave her too much time to think?.. when I do a class I use it to calm . relax and clear mind.. im off to bed v tired the last few days have caught up with me and I had gold injection today that always tires me too!.. blood test for glucose fasting clear so good news im off to recharge batteries.. I NEED an early night ..wasnt sleeping much with dad in hosp and mum still not sleeping much! I am working this sunday too..

  • Happy Birthday - hope you have had a great day & enjoyed getting hair done & being pampered.


  • You should be in bed by now, so when you do read this, HAPPY BIRTHDAY :) xx

  • thank you xx. im up now.. one naughty cat cried out side my bedroom door at 4.40am.. have today off hurray.. have had brekkie and a little doze on settee.. havent really woken properly yet.. though it is now only 6.50 am!!. have undone my cards and put them up!.. have some money and vouchers from family.. and im having hair highlighted and some pampering today

  • Hi Ali - HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!

    Hope you have a good day at the hairdressers. Pampering is good. You have had a stressful time, and it's time to relax a bit... all the best and take care

    Julie xxx

  • Hi Summer.(Ali) Have a great birthday and get lots of pampering. Sorry to hear the problems with good old NHS and your dad. Hopefully by now, your mum (or yourself) will have had some feedback from the Hospital. I think it is disgraceful the way your dad was discharged without any follow up, pain killers etc. I would have been jumping up and down about it. Really amazed that nothing was laid on re transport to get you to your CPD. Heads need to roll I would think. Put in a complaint. It gets it off your chest and sometimes works wonders.

    Have a fantastic day - a very Happy Birthday. Love LavendarLady xx

  • no feed back at all!! just waiting for their letter for C.T appointment

  • happy birthday. xxx

  • Happy Birthday Ali,sorry to hear about your harrowing time,but I hope they get your Dad sorted soon.

    take care of yourself



  • In my shock of finding out it was your birthday; i forgot to say WOW big blog Ali,:) which makes me think the hands may be feeling a bit better.!! I do hope so then the horrible gold injections will be worth it.

    take Care


  • its a big blog. for me.. had to alter spellings before posting lol!! interestingly my hand were painful last night and first thing this morning but now steroids have kicked in not too bad..

    Now I tend to Ieave the blogging to the experts., Im not gifted in that area xx

  • Have done a bit a thinking/ detective work.. my mum made a few phone calls to the no discharge info / drugs hospital in the cotswolds/ shire that as I had figured dads condition is prob worse than than anticipated.. and communiction hosp/ patient is dire its embarrasing

  • Hi Summer, hope your mum managed to get some information. the other route is to go via your GP and ask him/her to obtain information from the hospital. If it is anything like our hospital here, he will have been notified of your dad's discharge and the reason for it. If not, he can find out and get more information than you can. Good luck. LavendarLady x

  • mu mum rang specialist nurse.. she was helpful.. and found a bit more info.,.the point is patient is meant to have a copy of discharge letter.. we do discharges all the time in pharmacy.. one copy patient, one copy, one gp, It should be standard practice.. no patient copy should / could mean no GP copy also!!. the nurse wasnt sure as she is more clinic based.. but she thinks Gp should have one? I cant access patient records unless in course of dispensing take home meds for patient.(confidentiality).

    Patients should have a discharge letter.. with basic info.. and list Of meds/ their own/ hosp dispensed on discharge.. that is the procedure.. its my sister hospital. site . and I hear they had an unannounced care quality commision visit the other week??dont know the outcome yet??. my hosp didnt fare too well

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