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Not been here for a while although have been reading blogs and questions. have been busy with working ( when I can ) looking after ailing parents and a heavily pregnant daughter. Did manage to get away for a 2 day break to the lake district in a very dog friendly B&B and had a great time with hubby and Scooby who really enjoyed the freedom to run his legs off several times a day in the enclosed fields with other canine visitors.

I have just had my 4th Rheumy appointment since November and count myself very lucky to have had such prompt attention and follow up a luxury which I know the majority of you do not have if anything can be a luxury with our problems.

I first started with symptoms a year ago ( although I think I probably had problems for a few years before that but just got on with things) or that is when things really started to become so debilitating. I had a Positive RF although anti CCP and ESR and CRP where normal.also had a slightly elevated urate level. I have now had 4 steroid injections in my bottom and been started on allopurinol. The rheumy team initially diagnosed undifferentiated inflammatory arthritis on my symptoms and xrays and ultrasounds(have now had 3)

I went to see them again yesterday and had an ultrasound, saw the rheumatology research nurse, was weighed had my blood pressure and height measured and a gallon of blood taken or so it seemed. Then saw the doctor and have been told that they are now thinking I may have psoriatic arthritis, I had a small rash on my leg last time I went and do have discoloured and ridged nails and they think I might have some dactylitis in toes which I can now see since they pointed it out. Also my joint problems have been asymmetrical.

I am now to start on the journey which many of you have already well travelled and reading your experiences I have decided to start taking the methotrexate tomorrow so I have the weekend to vomit and suffer any other side-effects I may experience!

Joking aside reading how others have coped with this medication have given me an insight and enabled me to make the decision to start tomorrow and will let you know how I go on.

Have already felt some benefits from the steroid I had yesterday but need to remember to pace myself as I have overdone it before.

I have also got an appointment to see the rheumatology clinical nurse specialist in 4 weeks and will be getting an appointment to see the rheumatology podiatrist.

It has seemed a long time to get a likely diagnosis and to start on the treatment but I know many of you have had a much more difficult journey and experience than I have

Hope you are all feeling the benefits of this lovely weather, wont say hope you are all well as I know that you will not all be however much I may hope.

gentle hugs and thoughts


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Best of luck taking your first MTX tomorrow, you may be lucky and have no side effects, fingers crossed. Glad you've started on the road..............



Good luck with the meds,lets us know how you get on. Take care x


Best of luck with MTX. Glad you are being well looked after by your rheumy team. Tilda xx


I am one of the few who get on with mtx and if they work they are wonderful. I have no side effects from the drug at all. Yes you are lucky to get some prompt treatment,but that is how the nhs should work and i am pleased for you. DOn't feel guilty for getting prompt action,i think we will all be pleased for you. When you get a good rheumy team things work well as i can attest to. My rheumy nurse is one in a million as i can ring her up any time during working hours and she has empathy which a lot of the staff don't have. Sadly a lot of staff in the nhs don't have this quality which to mind is essential. She has just got me a steroid jab this week as i am due to go on holiday saturday and neded a boost until i go on anti-tnf which happens on the 25th of this month,thank goodness. I hope the mtx works for you.xxxx


Oh totally off subject but you mentioned a break in the lakes in a dog friendly b n b , where was it and do you have details?

It's just hard work to find nice hotels and b n b's that allow fur babies too :)


Hi Julie

The B&B is low nest farm near Keswick and I found it by googling on web. also booked and communicated via email. The farm has a 5 acre enclosed field for the dogs to run around in and also and agility field which is also enclosed and has bench set in which you can sit at and watch the dogs having a good time. It is easy to find as on the main road to Keswick but don't use a sat nav as it took us into a different farm. Dogs are allowed anywhere in the house and are well catered for with a welcome pack and water and towels to clean them with. The rooms are all upstairs although the steps are in 2 stages and are not difficult to climb.

Hope you are well



Hope it all goes well for you tomorrow. I am glad u enjoyed Keswick too, its lovely there isn't it. It's nice also that your Rheumy team seem to be a great help, that is always a good help! Nice to see you blogging again too xx


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