Im still here!

Im still here!

Hi Just worked this weekend on rota, and last week I increased my hours to 27.5hrs!

Earlier this year my professional study record was called in for scrutiny( march) I got 96%, last years entry.

This year I have done five entries all ready, . I have been busy with work and study and havent ben on the site as much.

I am off for a day trip to weymouth tomorrow with some friends on a coach.

One of my best friend,s dad died recently and I had was asked to go to the funeral on monday it was at Painswick church as featured on Countryfile recently.

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Hi summer, as you can see in my blog cant type much but thinking of you,



Hi Alison - good to see you blog again and well done for your amazing grade in your personal study record! I was thinking about you only yesterday because I have managed to get our previously surly pharmacist to smile and be kind to me finally!

I asked her about soothing skin creams for one as allergic as me and told her about my reaction to the Hydroxy and MTX combined. She was really nice and sold me this oatmeal cream called Aveeno which she said many of her eczema customers were really pleased with. She said she'd noticed how well I seem to be tollerating the MTX as I was still on it and not wearing splints these days - I was surprised and rather touched that she had noticed! I told my husband and he said that he had read an article which said that pharmacists are playing a really important role now in monitoring doctors and their over prescribing? Anyway she's gone up in my estimation now because that oatmeal cream has really done the job and made my skin feel so much less sore and itchy.

Have a lovely day out in Weymouth you deserve it. Tilda xx


Hi Alison & Tilda,

Nice to hear you are doing well at work Alison, I am taking an extended break since my op last October, I am certified and have nsurance, but am getting to the point where I am thinking about going back maybe. I have had various problems and just took a while to get back to normal after op.

Tilda, sounds like you are improving with methotrex, thankfully you probably won't need anti tnf now. I use Aveeno hand cream :) it is very good product.

Alison, has your RA improved? Are u still on the gold injections? Did u see julie55's blog??

Must have a look at that tapping therapy she has recommended, it seems to be working well in conjunction with traditional meds for her.

Anyway, off to read my book n bed now.

Nitey nite virtual pals, Gina


Love the pic of i assume is your cat. We used to have a cat likie that when i lived at home. We called her patch and she was a lovely cat. Glad to see your back on here. Your work record iss amazing, i wish i could work,it mught help me in a lot of ways. I will look into doing some sort of activity when i get my op out of the way.

I know a funeral is not a cause for an outing,but the change of scenery will be a blessing. I hope it doesn't rain for you.



Hi Summer, well done on keeping so busy it must really help. I lost my job with the civil service just prior to developing RA and really wish I could find something new as I miss the social side of things..not the work though, that was horrid! Hope the sun shines for you on your day trip.

Take care

Paula x


Well done, Summer you have put in some work with great results. Enjoy your day trip tomorrow.


Hi Alison, Hope you day out has gone well. Fantastic results, well done- you should be really proud. Had a lovely day in the garden with my two boys and husband finally doing some gardening, paying for it today but it was worth it, nice to see the garden looking like a garden again! How have you been feeling? x


Hi Ali,

Been thinking about you - glad to hear you so positive and increasing your hours:-} How is your Dad?


Cece x


hiya, good to hear from you (and hope Dads okay also)



Hi thanks all just back from Weymouth and the sun shone went with three friends one of whom was the one whose dad died.

Dad is having a treatment break at moment seems to be doing ok thanks xx

Im doing ok on the gold . few issues and flares but not so bad, lot better than I was this time last year x


Hi Alison, good to hear from you again and very glad you got your hours sorted out. Hope all is going well with the job and glad you had a good day in Weymouth. Love the picture of pusscat. So glad to learn dad is feeling better - I do hope that continues. Didn't know you were having gold injections - they seem to be working anyway. My MTX has just been increased to 25mg because of the flares I keep getting. Do get so fed up with this disease.

Wish I could wave a magic wand and it would all go away for all of us.

Love Lavendar Lady (Dottie) x


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