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Off topic and lovely for me or maybe others


I just got an email from one of my ex college student who has cerebal palsy and a few other things going on BUT the most positive smiley girl I have ever worked with on skills. Today she emailed me to say she is at home but told her Mum and Dad to leave her alone to set up the dining table for the Sunday roast.

She completed a table for 6 from her wheelchair including glasses. She was laughing as she only broke one glass getting from tray to table.

I am so proud of her when she first came to work in the bistro she said she would not be able to do too much. I said let's see what we can do together. She achieved so much in her first year and to hear she has blossomed in the following year make me burst with pride!

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What a lovely tale to share - how heart warming. That must feel so satisfying for you :)

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Few tears reading it. We used to laugh every Thursday and leaving the bistro to move to Norfolk was hard mainy due to this amazing girl who was a force of nature!

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😁😁😁 lovely feel good story

Lovely story. Warms the cockles of your heart. 😊

That is so lovely 😊

This is lovely. I can see why you’re so proud.x

Well done Dee ... for taking the time and patience to help her all that time ago ... and for sharing your joy at her achievement with us. X

I love hearing tales like this Dee as never say never and with sheer determination where there's a will there is a way and hats off this young lady and with your support she has achieved something people simply take for granted. So refreshing to hear. x

Aww this is so lovely and thanks so much for sharing this with us. So lovely hearing such lovely things. x

That is a very inspiring story. You are right to be proud of your friend. She is showing great determination and is not letting her disability stand in her way. Good for her. x

It was good of you to give her a chance to work at the bistro. Also an achievement for her to lay the table. Well done both of you xxxx

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