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What day is it?

I was just about to depart for the chicken house and the last thing I do is take all my tablets for the morning. Then I remembered its not Tuesday any more its Methotrexate day. I still have that flippity feeling when I think about taking it. I do hope that one day it goes away. I want my Tuesdays back. I shall think about it on and off all day until I go to bed tonight and take it, last thing.

It was such a nice day yesterday. A Monday. Sunny Day. Valentines Day. A wonderful partner David Day. We exchanged cards, declared our undying love for one another, again, and then he took me out last night and we had a lovely meal at my favourite Chinese Restaurant. I had one glass of Rose, the first since I started taking the M tablets. I expected to wake up a little groggy, but I was surprisingly Ok ish, considering it is pouring with rain and rainy days usually mean achy painy days. My knee soon told me better but a good old spray with the biofreeze shut it up enough to keep walking. Any way I drivel on. I must away in the cold and rain and try to remember its Tuesday not M Day! See you soon x

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Hi Julie.....not sure how long you have been taking the M tablets, so forgive me if I spout drivel. I have been on the M tablets for two years. I too used to lose the dose day but it got gradually better over the months and I have dose days back now hope it will be the same for you. x


I am the same but I have injections. They've changed them recently and now they really, really hurt. My partner is my nurse and injects me but I dread that moment! We do them just before bed and I soon forget about it...! (I'm sure they aren't supposed to hurt so much though?) Oh, and it'll soon be Wednesday!!


Hi, I inject Humira twice a month ( as well as my methotrexate & plaquinil) As it is out of the fridge, if you leave it for about half an hour it does'nt hurt at all. It is v painful straight from fridge!


Do you mean you keep your mtx in the fridge or Humira? I have never been told to do that with mtx and don't keep mine in the fridge...?!

This week's actually didn't hurt as much though...yay!


Hi Julie, sorry to hear that the methotrexate has you worrying throughout the day. They are basically no different to any drug, toxic, indeed, but as are most RA drugs. All come with side effects the length of an arm, hence the need for regular blood tests! I have had my fill (and more!) of drugs over the last 23 years and I reached the conclusion, many moons ago, that any medication far outweighs the joint damage that would occur as a result of not taking the stuff! Believe me, if you'd seen me without meds after an op last summer the joint damage I have incurred even with the pills would have you poppin' pills without regard for the consequences!! Take the things ... forget about it ... they keep you ticking!

Hi Jo, am wondering whether the pain you are experiencing is coming from someone else doing your injection. It sounds a bit silly, but when you have control you are more able psychologically to deal with it. I do my injections Tuesday and Friday mornings, I don't think about it. I know the spots that don't hurt and I use those. I don't have all day to think about it either ... always jobs to do!!


Hi Lyn, you could be right about the thought of it being worse by not being in control...I just don't like the thought of doing it myself. When I first started with the injections my hands were so bad I couldn't do them but maybe I could now?! Going to chat to my consultant next week about that and many, many other things so will see what he suggests. My problem is that usually I'm so busy I forget about doing them or that I'm flat out in bed before my partner has a chance to jab me :)


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