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what a day I have had


it all started of well out came my mobility scoot for a run down the Pennine trail through the grave yard to visit my husbands grave then on to my sons for a cuppa, then the heavens opened and down came the rain ,the scooter seamed a little slow but through the rain I ventured to the warmth of my sons home. back up the lane through the misty grave yard l went and then it happened the green indicator lights started to disappear one at a time ,slowly I went on the trail home and the scooter died I had a good mile to go so I had to push it home ,then one red light came on so at least I could now walk at the side of my scooter as what was left in the battery helped it along , boy will I suffer tomorrow ,lol

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Poor you. At least you made it home. I hope you have your feet up now.

Hope you had not got a busy day planned and the rain has not done too much damage to the scooter. As much as they enable us to be more independent they have their issues - on holiday last year the kids and I went for a walk when I realised we had a flat tyre. A trip to the local garage and a can of special sealing stuff fixed it and now I carry a can and a small car battery operated air pump in the boot of the car. Not worked out the best solution for forgetting to charge the battery yet as sometimes it is left in the car between trips. Farm

Poor you it is no fun when the scooter dies is it. Please keep yourself warm today as you know you will suffer today. I pray you soon feel brighter. Hugs. xxxx

Poor you.

Poor you. That's too bad -to have to push one's own mobility scooter. I do hope you've recovered.

What a rubbish thing to happen June. I think you can safely say it wasn't a good day for you & I hope it's not taken it's toll today? Was it a fault or was the battery due a recharge? x

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the scooter has now been charged up and seems fine I did not expect it to go flat with out warning it was full charge one min and then the lights went within 2 mins its doing a better than I am today it nearly finished me off next time it can stay ware it stops I must not have been leaving it an charge as it should have been when all light are on I thought it was fully charged it put me rite off it now

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I'm sure it has. It may be worth contacting the suppliers to see if there should have been more warning that the battery was low. Or have have the battery checked to make sure holding it's charge. Not today though because I can bet that your back in particular knows all about it so rest up today, don't be doing too much. I know you'll be sensible but it's easy to do just that little bit too much & you'll be out of whack the rest of the week. I don't know about that particular battery but I always let things like my tablet & mobile phone fully charge rather than keep topping up. Don't know if it actually helps but the reasoning behind it is if it's fully charged the whole thing will last longer. x

If the battery runs out on your mobility scooter then turn the key off. Leave it for a few minutes and then turn it back on and you should have enough emergency charge to to keep going for a little while. If it stops again repeat the process. This is only an emergency solution and obviously the battery should be recharged from the mains as soon as possible.


thanks I will remember that .I was in such a panic as I was not able to get help via car it been charged up now will have to see if it keeps its charge ,I hope it was just a blip it has a bleep warning when you turn it on if batteries too low I must not have noticed that

Hugs Junebee . . sounds horrible indeed. I hope you have had a restful day and not too many aches and pains from pushing the d*mn scooter all that way. That was some walk, without pushing your vehicle. NK xx

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