Consultants forwarding letters to your GP

I saw an Rheumatologist( private )who is 99% certain that I have Sjogren's Syndrome and would write to my GP and ask for more test to be done he also said that he would forward me a copy of his report , went to see the Ophthalmologist yesterday and he said he would write to my GP with his report when I asked him if he would send me one as well , he looked stunned , his reply was we don't do that ,my husband consultants send's a copy to his GP and sends the same one to my husband when I queried it all they said was well its a different department and we don't do it he said I can write you a report but it will be different to your GP ? but you can ask your GP to see it how does this makes sense .

I find this somewhat strange its standard practice to send the same report to you as well as your GP in England , is this something that has not caught on in Wales yet

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  • Hi there

    I'm under two hospital trusts for different conditions. One sends me a copy of GP letters the other does not. Fortunately my Rhuematology department does send me a copy which I am pleased about.

    Have a good day

  • I know its a round about way but your gp might print you a copy. Here in Ireland i have never received a personal report unless ive gone private , so it hasnt caught on here either!!!! I have sjogrens as well , i wish you well in your treatment, best wishes xx

  • I find it all quite mysterious. At first when I saw this Rheumy consultant copies of all his letters to the GP were, at my request, copied to me. Then it stopped and when I enquired, the consultant's secretary told me it was a cost cutting measure by the hospital and I should ask the GP to print me out a copy. That was fine until a major retiring activity at the surgery means that I now see GPs with whom I have not built up a working relationship. They mostly want me to see the practice nurse who is not authorised to print out copies, although she can tell me verbally what is in it!

    Now I just keep my own records, which include letters written to me by the rheumatologist (how that saves money I don't know).

    On-line access to our records is supposed to coming... but has been for several years now!

  • Hi there

    You can look up all your consultant letters online if you sign up with surgery for patient access.

    My rheumatologist usually sents me reports, but others don't. I just check on line.

  • I have patient access, but although I can view consultations it it only one or 2 words, and none of my hospital summaries are listed. It is only GP visits. My Rheumy is quite good at copying me in though. I had a previous one in the same trust who refused to cc patients in. When I did read them they bore no resemblance to our consultation.

  • The letters I receive are dictated from rheumatologist and typed by a trained seal. They have so many grammatical errors I chuckled.

  • Where in patient access, can you access these records? Just in case I'm missing what is in front of my nose 😁

  • I just click on documents, and gind them there. There's a load of stuff you can't see, unless you pay to see record.

  • My consultant always copies me into all my reports. You can ask that you are copied into all your reports next time you see your Rheumy.

  • I've never had or seen copies of any letters or reports. I'll sign up for patient access and start nagging, nicely, for more info. No wonder I feel in the dark.


  • Private consultants will nearly always send you a copy when they send the GP one. With the NHS its hit and miss. Mainly its cost cutting. But as suggested you can ask you GP for copies of all your letters. Contact the practice manage and explain that you see many people due to your condition and that you want to keep track of it.

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