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Been to see GP today for pain management. Before she refers me to the pain clinic, has put me on a pain killer called Gabapentin (Neurontin). The pharmacist assures me it is very good. (the list of side effects are horrendous - I know they have to cover themselves against all eventualities!).

Has anyone else had experience of this one? Would be glad to know the effects. It seems to be a gradual build up of the number of tablets day after day. LavendarLady

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  • also used for epilepsy type problems.. its commonly used for nerve pain.. most people are ok on it.. havent used it myself.. it was vaguely mentioned as an alternative to amitriptyine about two years but the idea wasnt carried through

  • I used to take them for my fibromyalgia but the side effects were worse than the illness, they effected my memory in such a bad way I thought I was going senile, I soon stopped them. but thhey migt work for you as they do for some people as we are all different. and I hope they do work for you

  • Thanks you two. Will try them and see how I get on. GP said if no good to go back to her anyway. Will let you know. LavendarLady

  • I've been on them almost a year now for fibro and side effects were me feeling very tired and weight gain for the first two months but all has settled down now with no side effects.

  • Hi All, I took the first one at 3 p.m. yesterday (I was driving in the morning) . I then spent the next 8 hours totally zonked out and feeling whoozy and on another planet. As I have to have my wits about me (and be able to drive) for my job, I will not be taking any more. Felt really ill with them and couldn't think straight. I went to bed early as couldn't keep my eyes open and slept for 8 1/2 hours! I do react badly anyway to this type of drug. Think I will stick to Nurofen and Paracetemol. LavendarLady

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