Drugs, side effects & life!

I;m on Sulfa, hydroxy & MTX but I also have to take cocodamal 3-4 times a day. I was also on 50 mgs of Amytriptilline which I didn't feel was helping so decided to stop it.

As I was still in pain I was given Bustran patches - well a week of them made me feel really ill - note to self - don't think morphine is a good drug for me!

Rheumy suggested trying Pregablin, - tried it for a month & felt terrible from the side effects - queasy, fuzzy headed, sore & feeling unwell all the time.

So decided with GP to stop that!

After a few days of feeling rough & sore I wondered if Amytriptilline had actually worked! So I decided to try it again, starting off on 20mgs & gradually increasing it. Well after 3 days I feel so much better, still sore but not as much, have more energy & back to how I felt a couple of months a go!!!!

So I'm going to keep on it & see what happens!

It's so hard to know what helps & what hinders isn't it?!

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Absolutely and I really believe that if the docs see us as a whole person it helps. My nurse says I don't want you to be on a drug for a long time that makes you feel worse or miserable! So glad u found the amitryptalline helps, just from my point of view I got horrible nightmares, shudder, see shows you! Axx


Oh dear! Mind you last night I woke myself laughing out loud at a dream I was having!!

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Lol was it about me falling out of caravans xxx


Hope you find it helps we commonly give out amitriptyline and my hospital.. And I take it when needed too, but only 10mg

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I have been taking amitriptyline since i was diagnosed last September, i have also found it has worked a treat for me, i have also been able to reduced it to 25mg over the past few months, I wish that it would work for everyone like it does for me but unfortunately that can happen Take care xx


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