Return from Egypt

Hi everyone I have been trying to catch up with all your blogs. You have certainly been busy. Well I am back from Egypt had a fantastic time lots of laughs and some adventures. I look a bit like a neopolitan icecream you know pink brown oh and some white bits. The mossies had a field day munching on me so they look fetching too. The bites that is not the mossies lol. Saw my first cockroach we named it Kevin. I went on a boat on the red sea which was a pretty big deal for me cause I dont swim. Anyway brilliant holiday I would recommend it to anyone as long as you dont mind bartering everytime you want to buy something lol. I like it and think we should be able to barter over here just imagine the checkout chaos.

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  • Glad you had a good time. My mum is the bartering queen lol. She does it on all the markets over here too not just abroad no matter how high or low the price she always trys to haggle.

  • Oh thats brill she sounds like great fun.

  • Hi Sharon Nice to have you back, sounds like you had a fantastic time. Pity you couldn't bring some of that sunshine back with you, it's really dire down here today. Hope you had a nic rest too.

    Take care

    Julie xx

  • Yes I did get lots of rest although for some reason I am shattered now lol. Its very hard work resting in the sun. Lol. Hope the weather improves for you Julie. Have been reading your blogs too.

  • Hi Sharon,

    Welcome back so glad you enjoyed your hol, I would love to go to Egypt some time, actually have been to Sharm el Sheik, but would love to see pyramids and Nile etc. Mosquitos love me too! I always carry a plug in zapper, they must love the methotrexate, Haha.


  • Yes so do I but I forgot to take it though. It took them a few days to develop a taste for me. But they sure did make up for it.

  • Hi Sharon

    Glad you enjoyed your holiday. Welcome back x

  • Thankyou.

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