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results from doc appointment

well whent to docs this morning to give him an update on my enthesis results

and as about sulphazine he said.

you would have to go to rumi private one i saw to authorise that but i said i dont want to go back to private rumi IT COSTS ME MONEY.

so why cant i go and see the one i saw at wigan some years ago cos other one has finished with me he said well when this flares up again come back and we will look at that

i am wasting my time he should have made me an apointment with him their and then but he also said he might not agree with my private rumis diagnosis.


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Have you thought about speaking to another doctor in your practice about your problems and see if they can help you.


Hi Minka,

some docs seem to think that when you get ill you magically understand all the complicated protocols and ways of doing things! But in any case, they all seem to do things their own way.

The private Rheumatologist I saw 2 weeks ago sent a letter to my GP with his treatment recommendations and my GP has just automatically prescribed the drugs. If the private Rheumy you saw did not send a letter to you or your GP summarising his findings & recommendations perhaps it would be worth giving him a bell and asking him to do so? You probably wouldn't have to pay more for that, it should be part of the service you paid for.

The chap I saw was a much-respected local NHS consultant till recently and I think he might still work for NHS - he's kind of phasing in his retirement, I think. So that might have made things go more smoothly for me. But I think you should just keep plugging away until the private guy's treatment plan gets accepted ...... it is crazy that you should pay to see a highly qualified person only to have his recommendations blocked by your GP. If that was accepted practice then what would be the point of him recommending sulfasalazine in the first place?

Christina x



he did send the information to him he has had 2 letters off him in front of him

and he says you will have to see private rumi again to authorise

or the other one who gave 5 different diagnosises that never even examined me hands just said oh its patela tendonitus then o its degenerative disc disease (well that was bleading fast for that one) oh its c4 toc1 oh its l4l5 come on if i did that in the nuclear field we would not be going to the lake district any more WOULD WE

So i said send me to another rumi like ya did 5 years ago the one in wigan

well lets see how the kenalouge goes for a bit longer.

so i was well displeased this morning thinking now of changing me doctor

he also said what if the other rumi disagrees with your privat ones diagnosise

(well as far as im conserned he is the only one to be near enough spot on and got me hands swelling down a bit and not sore so he must have done something right

these people 100k a year and they cant even make a desission

mind you christina i wouldnt set the alarm clock for that MONEY lol


Hang on, if your GP is saying that your private rheumy could authorise treatment after another consultation, why can't he authorise it via another letter now? Is this supposedly something to do with the time lapse since you saw him?

How about phoning the private Rheumy & asking if he could sort this out with another letter? Or like Allanah says, go and have a talk with the practice manager at your GP surgery.


see above reply


ye I agree as i said before i got letters from my private doctor to my gp who acted on it straight away. Go and have a talk with the manger of the practice and show her what you have in writing and go to a different gp in the practice. We have one gp who i good at joints, one who specialises in Chest and one who does diabetes, so I always go to the ones i think know most!!

Think you will have to go fight this one John!



see above al


My GP was happy to prescribe steroids on a letter from a private rheumie, but I can understand that some might not be so happy to prescribe sulfasalazine as it has to be monitored a whole lot more (regular blood tests, etc).

Only thing I could suggest would be to send a copy of the private letter to the Wigan rheumatologist, if you have seen them before, and ask if you would need to see them again to get prescribed it. It might hurry up a new appointment if you are still on their books.

NHS should give you a second opinion though if you ask for it. If your local hospital has a PALS service, ask them what to do (Patient Advice and Liaison) and how you can get seen again by rheumatology.


I fell in the same trap went private for diagnois and then had to start again because the gp felt no back up for metrexate.went to local hos 12week delay but then got better drugs and treatment more up to date and monitored it may be to your advantage chrisxxx


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