Dont know whether anyone has been to Bali. As i am on leflunomide i am low immunity. So just been to nurse today to get my typhoid injection ordered, had hep a 5 years ago. Trouble is she has told me that Bali is a high risk area mossies, rabies, bugs! Told me i was to be very very careful. I am going in april for a wedding then onto aus to see my daughter. Really worried about going to bali now. I will be there for 10 days, this was booked before the leflunomide! Anyone have an opinion? Should i reduce time in Bali. Thanks

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  • Sounds like an opportunity of a life time! If it were me I'd just go. Just be careful!

    Maybe ask GP for advice.

  • Ps...I have been classified under the genus Idiot! So maybe check what others say.

  • I haven't been to Bali, but I think risks are similar to other eastern countries. So it's really up to you how much that worries you and how prepared you are to be sensible. So mosquitos are a big issue, for dengue, Zika and other nasty things so you need to be prepared to completely cover up and take maximum anti-mosquito precautions - here's a link to government advice

    As for rabies - I think it's a pretty small risk if you steer clear of animals and aren't going cross country walking but sticking to main tourist areas.

    Also take anti-bacterial had gel and use it!

    My view tends to be that we shouldn't let this disease ruin everything for us, but if you are going to worry too much then don't go at all. Being there for a shorter time doesn't make a huge difference as you would have to be equally careful for 3 days as for 10. After all you could be bitten within minutes of getting off the plane.

  • Thanks for that, i am worried, will have to have a good think about it. My husband just says we wont go anywhere that is dangerous! Yea 3 days or ten if i am going to worry doesnt make much difference how long i am there. I dont want ra to rule me ... but taking risks?

  • Well it's a risk for your husband too, mosquitos and so on target everyone. Yes if you get something you might be slightly more badly affected than someone not on Leflunomide, but you do still have an immune system so it's not like you have to live in a bubble.

  • I agree with helix. It's all about risk assessment, and quite honestly you can get paranoid about risks and low immune wherever you go. I've travelled world wide , before and since getting RA and to be honest there are many place in the U.K. I've felt more at risk from bugs than abroad!! So just take normal precautions, as well listed by helix, and enjoy yourself 😃

  • Thank you ....

  • And I don't know if Nairny is just a name. But if it's from the place you live (Nairn). They have HUGE mossies there!😂

  • Ha ha so true but just the name live in sunny Wales!

  • It would be a shame to miss out on something wonderful (life is grim enough). I think if you just take sensible precautions you will be fine.

    My immune system is shot to bits. One of my neighbours informed me all her kids had noro virus, as she stood there cheerfully cradling one of them in her arms. I tried not to run away screaming.

    Thing is, we could pick up anything just by popping to the Co-op.

    If you go, I hope you have a fab time!

  • Thanks for messages. I think i maybe over reacting but will have to really think about it. But yes it is too good to miss.

  • I dont know the answer but you need to chech every recommended vaccine and get the CORRECT advice not a best guess. Hope you get it sorted and have a wonderful time. Im told it is very beautiful and wanted to go when i was still well enough to travel, i managed the Maldives 3 times and that was breath taking. Had the priviledge to swim close to a whale shark and regardless of knowing its a plankton feeder 30 ft of fish with a mouth the size of a lorry windscreen makes you hold your breath, swimming with sharks and manta rays and turtles is also wonderful, but the absolute joy of when dolphins come and find you and fearlessly look you in the eye made me feel so completely humble and ashamed that we treat other animals the way we do. Sorry bit of a diversification there but i wanted to share. Blessings. Leon.

  • Such a lovely reply, thank you so much for that story it must of been incredible, the maldives must be an amazing experience. Yes i am told bali is beautiful too. Thanks

  • If you get the chance try that other world for a while please do, if you have aprehension i would think it is soon over come by wonder. Even snorkelling can be so rewarding. Please come back and share the experiences of your trip, for those like me that cant travel sharing your experience will get us half way there. Blesdings Leon.

  • Having RA for many years I have managed to travel to many destinations, I had a problem for a few years with mozzie bites, they turned septic in St Lucia, and in Thailand I ended needing to go to hospital as they were so bad. Have to say wonderful treatment. Just had to deal with it all when I got home with antibiotics. Was worried going to Scotland the last couple of years, but no problem. I think they do a good product in Holland and Barrett so I would ask in there, what they recommend. My eldest son and daughter-in-law went to Bali for their honeymoon 20 years ago and loved it, they went back a couple of years later, I have got to the stage of not wanting to use airports anymore as they are so stressful, but so glad I have seen a lot of the world. Hoping to make the right decision for you. X

  • Hi Nairny - i have been on Methotrexate for 6 months now and have just returned from Bali with no issues at all. I always take precautions - never drink the water or rinse my mouth with fresh drinking water when brushing teeth, limit salads eaten just in case they have not been washed properly. We sprayed daily with mozzie repellent and did not get eaten alive :) I don't think you should have any issues if you are sensible.

  • Well that has given me a real boost, thanks alot for the reply.

  • Look on line at the BA travel clinic advice, plus there is an official FCO site about conditions in all foreign countries.

    Hope you like heat & humidity...April is the end of the rainy season & temps are in the 80'F & it is humid.

    On the health side travel is a lottery. I ended up in hospital in CapeTown the day after I arrived having left UK incubating the Noro Virus!!

    In my previous life I went to Indonesia & a lot of other tropical places & the only comment I have is make sure your hotel is a good one. In that part of the world there are some ...shall we say dubious advertised...look fab on the adverts, but as you intend staying for 10 days you want to feel safe & comfortable. Check it out on something like Lonely Planet or other travel sites or ask your local travel agent. Personally I'd rather stay 5 days in a tip top hotel than 10 in "so-so" accommodation.

    Bon voyage!

  • Thank you all so much for your replies. Such good advice and i will certainly be checking up on all of your suggestions. Will let you know what i decide.

  • Here are a couple of links that may help you, . .

  • Enjoy your trip ...

    I have been to Jamaica for the past 7 years on said treatment. As someone has all ready said only use for bottled water for brushing teeth. I carry a tube of Germolene at all times. Using it on any small scratch or bite .. just in case. It has worked for me and yes you need lots of anti bac hand wash!!

  • Thanks for the info.

  • Nairny, I went to South Africa at the end of September for two weeks. Luckily its not actually the mosquito's month but nevertheless I went to the doctors for advice. I am also on leflunomide and I was advised from a very reliable source that I should not have any anti disease jabs as my immune system is compromised.

    Instead I was advised to buy an insect repellent with the highest DEET content and spray myself and my clothes on head to toe before going out the door. I bought one but only used it once as the part of South Africa I went to is clear of malaria and there were no mosquitos anyway. The spray was for other bugs as well. If you go to your chemist they will advise.

    I hope that helps.


  • We were in South Africa end of sept for two weeks. We may have met and not known😉. Went to Cape Town, sun city then Kruger national park. We did same re the deet spray, but never met a mozzie even in the game park

  • Wonder why they said not to have the usual injections, ie typhoid.

  • I've been to South Africa five times since '94 and never had to have any injections apart from a top up of my tetanus. The only time I had anti malarial tablets was when I was way up north natal, near the Mozambique border, which was possibly malarial. But never since.

  • Hi all....... decided to go to Bali and aus. I will be packing long trousers and half boots chemist of deet mossie/bug protection. I think i became a bit obsessed with the thought of getting bitten! I will Not let RA stop me from travelling and enjoying life. Thanks everyone and Merry Christmas x

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