Yet another cold

Yet another cold

Does anyone else keep getting colds. I am thinking of changing my name to Rudolph as my nose is so red and sore. I went out to the JOB CENTRE today and all I can say thank God for the Disability Person I now see. She is brill treats me like a human how refreshing. Whenever I go in there now I think of that new comedy THE JOB LOT and look out for a security man selling carpet lol. I have seen one woman who reminds me of the one with the face like a smacked a*** who eats at her desk lol. Seriously they dont have an easy job but at least they have got one. Hugs to you all.

P.s picture is of Brighton Pavillion

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  • Sharon sending you some sylvi hugs.xxxx

  • Thank you sylvi

  • Hi I am thinking of investing in Kleenez tissues as my nose always seems to be running, I blame MT X.

    Hugs to all, from a distance x

  • You could be right.

  • I get one every time i have my steroids (once a week) and after my fortnightly humira!!!, but get over them in time for the next jab!lol xx hope you are sniffle free soon. Ps not long till your busy time at xmas Rudolph xxxxx

  • I know it comes round quicker each year.

  • So far so good on the cold front for me. What about having some vit c to help fight the colds it might help. Very pleased you have a nice person at the job

  • Oh cheers. You blog you have a cold and today I wake up with the symptoms of one! I know you can get just about anything on the Internet , but this is ridiculous!!

  • I thought you would like to share it.

  • That's what friends are for, right? Lol.

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