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Morning all, I wonder if RA affects some blood groups more than others. I so wish I could have a healthy non ra siblings blood & the ra would disappear. I dont think we can even donate our organs when we die. Im in my mid 60's & had ra 30 yrs & looking back in my teens I suffered anaemia quite a lot & wonder if that would have been the lead up to ra. Also I wonder if some races have more ra than others. Well I hope you all dont think Im crackers thinking all this. Heres hoping summers is around some corner. Lol. Gentle hugs to you all.

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  • There are some slight differences between different ethnic backgrounds in the incidence of RA, so for example if you're an Asian male then you've very unlucky if you end up with RA and african-american women get lupus less often than caucasian women do. But some of the stuff I've read suggests that triggers and cultural things like smoking are as important as basic genetics. But I've never read anything that links it to which blood group you are - and these are common across lots of different backgrounds so don't see that it would make a huge difference? I've had to stop giving blood because of the drugs rather than the RA itself, but I've still got an organ donar card and no-one has ever mentioned that RA would prevent any of them being of any use? Although not sure I'd really want something from someone with RA, so perhaps they'd just be used for research or something?

  • Hi hh, thanks for reply. Ive asked my GP & Rheumy in past & both have said I couldn't donate blood or organs because of the ra, when Ive always wanted too. Ive heard of a test, cant remember the exact name where your blood can be taken & they add something & re-inject into you. But its very expensive. Im sure it begins with an s. Anyway thanks again.

  • Anaemia is one of the most common symptoms that go with the malabsorption problems from undiagnosed coeliac disease (pretty much as common as obvious gut problems). If its something that you have had for a long time and there is no real reason for it, then do get your GP to do the coeliac blood testing.

  • Cheers for reply.I meant I had the anaemia back in the 60's but thank you anyway.

  • Anaemia is common with RA too Earthwitch so not sure why Coeliacs is relevant Craftygal's question re organ and blood donation?

  • Hi, I gave blood for many years with a diagnosis of RA. Think it depends on your meds.

  • I remember donating blood when i was in my early 20's and they told me to see my doc as i was anaemic so it may well be a clue to r/a although there can be other reasons for anaemia. I often wonder what has caused it although my mother had it too so i think there is a genetic link and then i think hormones also play a part as 3 in 4 people are woman that have it. I wish they knew for sure and then perhaps they would know what treatments would be best or even a cure one day. I have had an organ donor card for years but don't suppose they would use them now although if the kidneys and liver ok then they might or at least use them for research. By the way, i think i have the most common blood group. 0 positive.

  • I have a donor card but when I applied for it I stated that I was taking methotrexate for RA. I wouldn't think this cytotixic drug was ideal for a donor but can't see that the RA in itself being an issue. There's an age cut off for blood donors I believe? Tilda x

  • Thanks for info folks. I will ask again about organ don as Im past age for blood don. now. I would just like to be of use somehow. Thanx again.

  • the thing your thinking about where your blood it taken from you (or some of it anyway), cleaned by spinning it very fast to remove the heamaglobin so that its platelets and white blood cells which are left and then those are re-injected back into your body. i think the finished blood product is called autologous conditioned plasma - it's is a form of treatment which is supposed to get your body to use your own immune system to heal a localized injury. my dog had acp treatment from the pdsa - she had an ulcer in her eye which didn't heal with eyedrops so they took her blood, 'cleaned' it and then gave me a vial of her acp back to use as eyedrops.. her eye actually started to show some signs of healing but my poor old dog wasn't in the best of health and we lost her before her ulcer healed

  • *is where your blood is taken..

  • Thank you for info. Im so sorry you lost your poor dog. It does affect us so when we lose our beloved pets but Im sure his spirit is still around you. X

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