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Water Gone

Further to previous blog, friendly plumber been and gone and the water has stopped dripping through the ceiling. Cat is puzzled as to why bed is wet and is sulking in the conservatory. Puppy has found the cat's toy mouse and is busy dismembering it and throwing himself on and off the sofa. Keep trying to keep him off it (sofa I mean) as new covers coming in about 5/6 weeks courtesy of those friendly people (+ 30% discount and a cream tea) at Plumbs. Just had the hall and downstairs loo tiled. With 2 dogs, a husband and a cat, carpets were no longer an option. Our old cat Mungo who went to the hunting grounds in the sky some 2 years ago (his kidneys failed at 14), had started to scratch up the carpet round the sitting room door causing it to fray and generally look pretty yuck. Puppy has finished it off (as well as the telephone directory in bits all over the floor today), so decided to get tiles. They do look good and if we are to believe the global warmers will be very useful when we have our mediterranean climate. Just had the MTX injection for this week - think the pain in my shoulders is tension. Headache has gone now so definitely tension. But thumb joints still very painful. Dog is creating mayhem next door by the sound of it and has just come tearing through into the kitchen with mouse. Cat (MinnieMae a Burmese) is expressing her indignation at being shut in the conservatory so must go and let her out.

Ruby wedding anniversary on Sunday (40 years - you get time off for good behaviour if you commit a murder). Friends coming to lunch to help us

celebrate so hope I will be ok. 3 friends making desserts for me and my friend's butcher makes the most gorgeous quiches so 3 on order from him. Ho Hum, can it ever get better? Life and RA I mean. See my Rheumy in 2 months time for a checkup and the Hospital in September. Going to the pub tonight to mull over our very successful "do" on Saturday at our local park. Doing the same again next year for the Jubilee. However, did suffer Saturday evening and all day Sunday as overdid it as usual. LavendarLady

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Glad it's all sorted despite the mayhem from the pets! but oh we love them so!

Don't now where I would be without mine to keep me company, just one cat and one dog though now oh and thirteen koi in the garden pond.

That's the trouble when we overdo it, always seems a great idea at the time but boy do we suffer the next day. I don't think we ever really learn do we?I know I'm still as bad at times even after 17 years!

Mandy xx


ooh great blog got a piccie of the cat? god you are a busy lady, sorry to hear about your leak xx


Hi - Glad to hear you are now leakless.. having the company of pets, is far better than an empty house. I lost my ole doggie ~ just before Christmas 2009 and I swore I would never have another, she was so unique I couldn't imagine any other pet matching up to it. But reading your blog, is making me think again. We have our daughter's puddy tat here and she is such a laugh but not as good company as a dog.

Congratulations on the 40 years - what one earth did you do??? Ha ha ha... I bet he's a love..

Have a nice rest and look forward to your celebratory weekend

Take care

Julie xxx


You have my sympathy for the leak - some years ago I had a new shower installed which leaked the next day and brought the just re-plastered kitchen ceiling down:-(

I went over to hard floors - wood and stone tiles - about 6 years ago. I wish I'd done it the year previously when I not 1 but 2 very 'active' Springer Spaniel puppies.

I agree that animals are an absolute delight - the best thing I did was decide that I now had time to raise some more pups as I was at home most of the time:-) They're now both 7 (half brothers 8 weeks apart in age) and they're still very waggy and springy and really do adjust to how I am with my health on a day to day basis - if I'm in pain or feeling generally exhausted and out of sorts they become much quieter and cuddle up on the sofa:-] Had 2 cats who lived til they were 18 before going to the sunny window-ledge in the sky 2 years ago. The pupsters had a healthy respect for the cats having been bopped on a nose a few times when they were small!

Hope you have a lovely, memorable celebration at the weekend:-]

Cece x


Hi all, many thanks for your good wishes for Sunday. we are also treating ourselves to a day on the Orient Express on the following Friday. Hair being done on thursday so will look as glam as possible,

Hubby is going to organise a pic of our Burmese Minnie Mae to go on to the blog. She is such a lovely cat and a Champion Burmese as well. Puppy is tearing about, its raining and I am just about to have some lunch. No more drips from the ceiling so hope it has been sorted out. Plumber returning in a few days to sort out the leak upstairs. Solar Panel people coming on 27th June to sort out the leak there as well. Its all go. LavendarLady


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