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How do


Not been on to blog for a while but do read the posts.

Wonder if anyone has found the same as me over last couple of weeks..

While the snow was on the ground my hands and feet weren't too bad but as soon as the cold rain arrived I flared :( only mildy, but feet and fingers sore and my eyes (optician thinks I have sorgrens but RA nurse is dubious!!) are dry and gritty again, and that dreadful weariness and fatigue has returned or perhaps that's just the time of year!

My house is upside down as well as the renovations have started, new windows before Christmas, new door last week and new kitchen this week. My dining room and conservatory are full of kitchen!! How come a tiny kitchen (10 foot by 5 1/2 foot without the cupboards) can hold so much stuff? To add to that hubby has stripped walls in front room and backroom, dust everywhere but hopefully it will be worth it when finished. He is going to get decorators in when the dust is cleared and everything back in it's place. All of this made possible because we managed to sell his mum's house just before Christmas (she sadly passed away after a 7 month battle in July last year , and to be honest I would rather she was with us than the benefactor of all our home improvements :( ) Neil suffers spinal problems and me with RA (right pair aren't we?) so he is getting people in to do all the heavy stuff and decorating. At the end of all this we are headed for Florida (April) for a 2 week break with the kids, Dot always wanted to send them to Disney so that was top of the list of things to do, a special holiday for them from their nanny.

I just hope my mini flare goes as quickly as it has come, my GP has written to expediate my clinic appointment as it has been postponed 3 times since the last one and it has now been almost a year since my last review when he started me on leflunamide!!

Here's hoping that you all have a great 2013


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Sorry to hear of your sad loss and your flare. I find damp weather worse too. I am sure that you will have a great holiday be careful to rest before and after that long flight.. do however try tot move round on the plane to minimise risk of dvt and drink plenty of water x


Lost my comment just now. Just said what a long wait a year is when you are still getting meds sorted and hope your GP manages to make it sooner and you have a wonderful holiday. Tilda xx

Sorry to hear of your loss. If there is an upstairs & their nanny is looking down,she'll have a lot of fun watching you all on the rides.your house is going to look lovely I'm sure,worth all the dust & disruption. My joints have been awful since coming back from Tenerife,the weather there is a lot kinder to RA suffers I think. Seems a long time between appointments hope you get seen soon. Take care xx

I know what you mean, experiencing similar symptoms myself. I too put it down to the damp weather. My body just reacts like a sponge, soaks it up and then leaves me feeling heavy and floppy for a couple of weeks. Roll on the Summer :o) x


I have the same problem as you - every cupboard a tardis. It is serious!

Additionally things have been going downhill a bit recently RA wise. Like you I think the weather must be at least partly to blame. I also had a tetanus injection a couple of weeks ago and did wonder about that - ESR took a leap afterwards plus much stiffer etc.

I'm sorry to hear of your loss. It is nice though that your mum in law is still playing a part in your life in such positive ways (once the kitchen chaos ends, that is!).

Glad your GP is on side re. your clinic appointment - a year is a ridiculously long time to wait, especially seeing as you are on a new drug.

Spring is round the corner, surely?

Luce x

Like you i am back in flare and feeling rubbish. My eyes are bad and my tinnitus is going haywire as well. The only good thing for me is my knee is recovery nicely. I spoke to my rheumy nurse yesterday and she was very sympathetic and sometimes i find it helps ease the pressure just talking to her. she is a lovely lady and i couldn't wish for a better nurse. I am not keen on the other nurse that is there and my nurse knows how i feel about her. I have had another blood test done so we will see what that shows.

The weather has hammered me as well with this rain. My feet burn and so do my hands,but as luce has said spring is just round the

Hiya, gosh January is SO depressing isnt it. I noticed though that out light on the timer is coming on now when it is still light, so hurrah the nights are getting longer! I hate in some ways getting work done due to the mess but also my hubby is never happy when someone else does it, bu ti am never happy when he does it lol!

Wot a long wait for your appointment, i would have loads of questions ready for the appointment! xx

I'm sorry to hear that you too have had a flare with the change in the weather - or could it be the stress of the refurbishment?

I too started a flare on Friday - with the usual flu-ey feeling, then the joints red and and swollen. But I can never tell if it's to do with the weather or just co-incidence. I was really disappointed as I had actually started feeling well and the RA under control the previous week after increasing the azothiaprine to 75mg twice a day in November.

weirdly enough i found that the snow didn't cause me as much pain as i expected - i found out when the rain came afterwards that my joints were worse in that but during the freezing weather i felt better... i couldn't walk in it though - my left leg was sliding all over and i didn't have the strenth to support it :(

i'm sorry for your loss

Hi Carol - I know just how you feel - the contents of my hall,stairs, landing & lounge are in the dining room, my walls are daubed with all sorts of colour swatches & I have come down with a really bad case of Labrynthitis - dizzy, nauseous and can't stand up without falling over!! Cancelled decorator and am just waiting for it to subside - but decorator is booked up until May! Go figure - that's life!!

You will really enjoy Florida - April & May are two of the best months to visit - the weather is glorious but not too hot and Disney isn't too busy. I go there every May (health permitting) and spend the whole year looking forward to it - you will enjoy it as much as your children & they will never forget such a wonderful holiday! Hope the Doc's apt gives you good news, All best Kathy

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