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Never One to do things easily

Have been offline for a while as spending a couple weeks at least with the delightful NHS thanks to a very stubborn chest infection. Thank goodness for blackberrys to keep in touch & break the monotony of sleepless nights. Get to see my lovelly rheumy team every day as well as my new Consultant, Mr Breathing Man, he says my lungs sound as though I have a family of mice living down there, no wonder our cat has been so friendly!!! Hey ho they've also stopped all my Rheumy meds to try + boost my non existent white cell count, hasn't taken long for the flare up to begin!!

Have missed reading all your posts but have been wondering what's beeen happening with evryone, Will catch up soon.

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Get well soon !!!! I know its not funny at all but the mice and cat joke made me smile.



YEah they made me smile too x look after yourself and hope you get well soon x


poor chatsi.. sounds v bad you sound quite poorly..

If you are off all meds iimean mthorexate and any immuno supressant drugs and steroids.. then now is the ONE time you can take echnicea.. NOT recommended whilst on metho and all its littLE friends as IT raises the immune system ,white blood cells etc.. not to be used whilst taking the above mentioned drugs as they depress immune system...

Unless you are a parent avoid childreN less than 7 years old as the risk of chicken pox or even measles(this would be down to non vacination in measles case is huge risk!!), avoid drs and hospitals as much as possible while count v low.. lots of even more nasty germs lurk!! and employ washing with soap and water and may be gel..... not commonly known medical FACT c-difficile is spread by spores.. gel does not remove them or kill them only hot water and soap does.. alison.. usual medical dislcaimer applies...


great tips there Summer, noting all for my next chest infection - did'nt know that about echnicea :)



When I spent 3 weeks in hospital with neutropaenia (0.002 neutrophils - yikes) I was going stir-crazy in an isolation room - when I told my daughter by text that I was being moved to another ward, she snappily replied "where to? psychiatry???" kids, don't you just love them!

I hope that your scratchy chest is now recovering and that you're able to catch up on some much needed social contact:-)

Be kind to yourself and take it very easy -

Cece x


Hi Chatsi, sorry to hear you have been so poorly. Like others, the mice and cat bit made me smile. Noted the irony, it's a blooming b"""""r when you got to stop taking your medicine to get better!!!! which then makes you By heck you just gotta love RA.... Hope you get sort soon and take care

Julie xx


Yes, I hope you get well soon too, Jo x


Take care and get well soon, mand xx


Just read your blog. Like the others I had a giggle at your mice and cat comments. I do hope you are soon feeling much better. Take care.


Chatsi, Hope you are continuing to get better :) My mum has mice in her chest at mo - so has my hubby!


Hi Chatsi, get well soon. These infections are sent to try us but don't let the blighters get you down :) My dad has mice in his chest too ... a common infliction seemingly at the moment!

Lyn x


Hi Chatsi

I have mice in my chest at the moment and there was me thinking the cat was pleased as she has a new cat flap (see new blog) my chest is not half as bad as yours the irony is I have just had my first MTX jab and Humira this week after being off them since the end of march, and you are so right it doesn't take long for the RA symptoms to raise their little heads, take care of yourself do as summer Ali says with regards to washing hands etc. weara mask if necessary so you don't get anything more.

best wishes to you

Tricia xx


thanks evryone for all the good wishes and advice - really appreciated. White cells are beginning to recover but need another week of IV's, now have an erratic heartbeat but they don't know why. Hey ho, must be a stubborn set of mice or I make a nice nest!!!!

Hope you are all keeping as well as this naff disease allows, it certainly has the ability to throw up some surprises.



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