How do you do it?

Sleep that is

For me whenever I flare it means little or no sleep. I take amytriptiline and at times like this doctor gives me zopiclone sleeping pills but tells me to try not and take them every nite. So last nite I took one and got about 4 hours and tonight well this morning now I have been in bed since eleven but only slept between 3.30 till 5am yeah that's right about an hour and a half. When not flaring I make up for it and can sleep for hours.

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julie.. take the zopiclone for at least 3 days so your body gets a sleeping pattern.. avoid stimulating activites like blogging. mailiing before bed. or in your case in bed!! Phone under the pillow?.... naughty.. everyone meant to avoid stimulation, and elec gadgets, tv. phone. computer at least 30 min before sleep even without ra!!

warm bath or shower. one hour before bed , relaxing music. in my case this is downstairs.. waves crasing on beach. stream trickling etc.. im asleep before cd finishes stairs open plan!!

When Im in a lot of pain have had a rubbish time of late.. heres what I do at night.... big Disclaimer!!!

.... 1x10mg amitriptyline, 1x2.5mg diazepam, 1x3.5 mg zopiclone.. 1X50mg trazodone hydrochloride(off licence nerve pain sedative) as by bedtime have used up my painkliler allowance.. some times 15mg codeine too.. as I take full advantage of my drugs knowledge to do this and wouldnt use this combination for longer than 4 days max DO NOT FOLLOW my personal drug cocktail without Gp approval. advice....

Disclaimer drugs/ advice used are patients own !! only take drugs in the manner your gp/ consultant advises

drug use is an individual matter and some combinations.., drugs./ dosages etc dont suit!

Drugs must be never be taken above the recommended daily dose.. severe harm...


THanks for advice Alison I am good normally in getting to sleep its the increased pain victims stops it took 30 mls of oramorph last night that knocked me to sleep but I wake not long after I've been tossing and trying to turn all nite I must admit I am naughty and guilty on the gadgets side lol x I must try this tonight x


My OH away this week and last night I had a terrible sleep, up every couple of hours...not used to being on my own but that's another story! When I'm in pain I always make sure pain meds taken to max dose and take 2/3 amitriptyline around 6pm so that I'm really, really tired when I go to bed (usually way before 10pm) sometimes taking a co-codomol or two helps me to sleep through discomfort but I feel very groggy the next morning so don't do that very often. I guess being busy with the kids in the day helps me to sleep, I'm ready to drop at 5pm but have to keep going a little longer which means I'm exhausted come bedtime! Try not to worry about when you're not sleeping as worrying about not being asleep will keep you awake ;) I find trying to relax my body the most difficult thing to do in bed, often using a heat pack and controlled breathing helps me to drop off xx


I have a sleep machine which plays the sound of the sea, bird music, white noise, rain etc,. I usually have it on the sea sounds as I find that very soothing.- I set it for 30 minutes and am usually asleep long before it switches off! I stopped taking Amytriptiline as I react very strongly to those drugs (including Zoplicone) that I am like a Zombie for most of the next day and the one after! I was given 5mg Amytriptiline and still had to cut them in half, likewise the lowest dose of Zoplicone. I usually read for a while - presently reading the life of Elizabeth & Mary (Queens that is) and find I am dropping off after about 10 minutes. I do wake up several times in the night usually because I have to turn over when in pain so then the next day I am very tired. If possible (when not working), I usually have a snooze in the afternoon as well.

I've tried hot drinks going to bed - don't work for me as I have to keep getting up to use the bathroom! Can't have a bath as can't get in or out of it. Even when I could I found it woke me up rather than made me sleepy. However, a whisky in hot milk with honey is good or just plain whisky with some water.

I also try to relax the hour before bed so no exciting films on the TV or anything else which is stimulating. And practise the Yoga slow breathing and also the Yoga practice of relaxing each bit of your body starting with the feet once you are in bed, You can feel yourself sinking into the mattress and becoming quite boneless as all the muscles relax. Hope this helps. LavendarLady


Oh Julie, there is nothing worse than being unable to sleep. I often get to sleep easily and wake up two or three times in the night - although not lately! Ask your counseller for some relaxation techniques or like Lavendar lady says above. Deep breathing techniques really help both to wake you up or sleep because they relax you. Worry about sleep oftens makes it worse doh!

The music is always good and to read, but not watch the telly or loud music and electrical gadgets - out! At the risk of burning the place down, I also light nice scented candles and have bath or if not a nice warm shower then straight into bed... I find if Ikeep on heavy painkillers this knocks me out...

Good luck me dear

take care

Julie xx


Hi Julie, I've never slept well, with or without pain. Always waking in the night 3,4,5 times it's just the way i am. I have to say though that like Jo when I need the amitriptyline I take it a few hours before I go to bed.Nothing I've tried seems to work for me I must be one of those who don't need that much sleep, even though most of the time I feel totally washed out.

Good luck with all the tips you get.

Mandy xx


Mandy I am like that normally even though I can stay in bed for longer when not flaring, I always wake at least 3 or 4 times a night, however atm like last night I couldnt sleep at all. Ive felt like a zombie all day! I would have loved to have napped today Ive felt that bad but next door has there grandkids and they have not stopped screaming all day.

I am going to try every tip I can to help me sleep tonight. Hate feeling like a zombie all day.


julie bit bothered about 30mls oramorph highest recommended dose is 5ml-- per dose and max 20ML?

I Told gp I WANTED mine labelled 2.5ml- 5ml four times a day when required!! 20ML max standard dose!!, try to get your oramorph dose down julie if possible.. I kept putting GP off precribing morphine for me she was eying up oxycontin!!!!!. much more powerful .

My other tabs i take have always used up my pain killer allowance. anti.inflama/ para/ codiene pain killers so I USE the mix I described plus poss some oramorph when v bad..2.5MLS MAX in my case drug use and patient suitability for drugs vary, different people tolerate diff drugs... I cant take tramadol

Disclaimer.. patients own experience


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