How do you get moving?

Everyone must have their ritual in the morning, but I've found it takes more careful planning since my RA. I don't know about other folk, as I don't know anyone else personally who has RA (I have to keep reminding myself that it's not that common, and I only hear from everyone here & people I see when I go to clinic). Apart from the obligatory caffeine, and feeding my 3 little princes (my cats!), I do find it really hard to start going. I do a few stretching exercises in bed before I get up. I'm a really early riser: I don't know if others have this, but it's nigh on impossible to have a sleep if there's some pain. I then do some knitting. My knitting is my movement & starter for the day: It starts to unstiffen my fingers & then they work brilliantly for the rest of the day! How to you start yours?

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Hi Andrea yes like you I have very stiff fingers in the morning. The OT at the clinic made me a hand splint to wear in bed to help but I couldnt get used to it. I generally just stretch them out and sometimes massage some handcream into the joints. Have you tried a wax bath for your hands obviously you couldnt use it in bed lol. But warm wax is great. Sharon


I had one of those resting splints from OT at the hospital. Aren't they lovely! I love to wear a white plastic thing with holes whilst watching Corrie, whilst under the illusion that it made my RA better.


Hi Andrea

Just like you! Gentle exercises before I get out of bed ... then 30 minutes later, after my morning brew, up and about. Have to get on, two boys to get to college, one boy to get to school and two cats for feeding! Then I have breakfast and tablets/injections then I start getting organised ...slowly!

I used to knit a lot but had to give up due to wrist problems and lack of grip. I enjoy doing jigsaws, also good exercise for the hands, but at the moment having some difficulties so picking up the pieces is all rather clumsy!

You don't seem to have a local NRAS group nearby that you could join which is a shame. You would feel a benefit from being able to chat with others with RA. Your nearest group is the newly launched (16th March) St. Helens group. I guess our Blackpool group is a little too far!

Lyn x


I have a hot shower,! washing my hair frees my hands, cant wrap hands round toothbrush til i do this sob!. i wake early any way so take my time wake 5 to 630 pm then take my time leave home at 8am for work am never late, off sick at moment bad flare and endoscopy mon , some nights dont sleep well any way if joints are bad, the fatigue is the worse even when you do sleep all night, people cant understand the fatigue(non suffererers) , it can be as bad as the stiffness and pain


I understand how you feel. Mind numbing fatigue, no explaining to anyone. The room going round & still trying to explain to other people how bad you feel. I feel that I am on a really badly inflated bouncy castle: I have pain that I can't alleviate sometimes. Sorry you're in a bad place at the moment xx


Keeping the electric underblanket on all night helps me with the pain and stiffness in the mornings - seems to ease it a lot.

My ritual is attempt to get a cup of tea brought to me in bed by one of the family... sadly best I get usually is kettle put on for me! Stagger downstairs, make cup of tea and porridge, then take it back up to bed which is still nice and warm. Wake up my laptop and read the news online, while drinking tea and eating breakfast. Usually check forums too.

When I've the stamina - Get out of bed, have warm shower, and then sort out the medications... by which time my fingers can manage to open the packets more easily!! Take them all in one go (despite the fact that it says have some before breakfast, and some after!... this really isn't going to happen!). Then it's get dressed and begin the day.

I agree with you all, it is the fatigue that wears me down. Even when I'm up, it feels like I need to be back in bed!

Still, today is sunny, which means I'll pop down to the beach for an ice cream at some point...


I wake up, get up and do the penguin trot to the bathroom, and into the warm shower, this gets me going for the day. If I don't do this my stiffness seems to set in for the day.


Me too 'penguin trot' to bathroom (had to laugh such an accurate description)and hot shower aiming shower at any particular sore joints. slow climb down the stairs loosening up a bit all the time, > car> then off to work on a comfy coach, the one reason I am still working is that private coach cuts 3/4 hour off journey to city and very reliable, no way could I take train or any form of public transport anymore. If that bus company ever folds so will I!!!


Mine is to wake up, slide the switch on my heat pad for my back and my heated mitts for my hands. I stay there for at least 15mins then my partner will bring me a cup off tea, I take some off my meds, then do the penguin shuffle to the bathroom, were a nice hot jacuzzi bath is waiting for me I take a ride on my bath chair and soak for 30 mins. This all helps once I am dried and dressed and downstairs, I use my wax bath to furthur help my hands and sit and eat breakfast with rest off meds while I have heat pad again on my back and if needed, wheat bags, round neck, ankles or knees.

It can take me till lunch time to be ready and moving and able to get to work for the afternoon.


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