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What do you do about pain?


I am counting the days until I can see my rheumatologist but it's not until Aug 23rd

There just doesn't seem much they can do for me at my primary's office. They gave me one 6 day round of steroids that helped some but after a few days off everything came back.

To be fair, it's the busiest weeks of my year but I'm in so much pain right now. I woke up in pain last night in the wee hours of the morning. It's so hard to be woken up from a deep sleep due to pain.

I really need some better pain relief. I can't imagine waiting another month like this. Do I go back in and try steroids again? I'm already taking 15mg of Meloxicam (that does help, I can tell if I forget to take it).

Thank you for your help!

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Contact your rheumy and see if you can get in earlier and ask if they can give you something to tide you over until you see them in August.xxxx

Ask for something like a Depomedrone injection....if you are lucky this will control your pain for a fair while.

Telephone your Rheumy nurse & explain his much pain you are in....really emphasise you need help NOW,


I feel your pain! I'm next due to see my rheumy in Oct. I did have an appointment with the pain clinic in August but it's just been cancelled for the third time. I'm in so much pain! Rumbling; aching; stabbing in the day and agony by the evening and through the night. Impossible to sleep. I have oral morphine but I hate taking it because the next day I am so sick. I rang my rheumy and they said to try and bring the pain clinic forward- but I rang and I can't! Having said that, maybe you could ask to be referred to the pain clinic? They're meant to be good once you actually see them! I hope you feel better soon x

Thank you all! I did try the Rheumatologists office and they said that was the first appointment available but I was on the cancellation list.

It's such a hard thing, to complain about pain. It feels like such a whiny thing to do/say. But it can be over whelming, the pain.

You have made me feel better about calling again. I'll try both the Rheumatologist and the Primary. I honestly never thought about asking to be seen at a pain clinic, we do have them here. I suppose I'll just have to go back in to the primary's office if that's all I can get into right now.

Have you asked if you can see a rheumatologist nurse in the meantime? You will only have spoken to administrators who don't understand and if you actually see someone (like a nurse specialist - sorry forget their real title, though they don't seem to be offended if you call them that) who can assess you, then you won't get help. Nurses can sometimes get the consultant to prescribe you temporary medication based on what they have reported back, with a proper longer term assessment based on how well that went at your appointment proper.

Thank you! Yes, you are right, I've only talked to the front desk/scheduler. I'll call them today.

Cheshcat.... I'm having a similar problem myself. Pcp Dr says rheumy is the 1 that has to prescribe pain relief meds but rheumy says she don't do that so pcp is supposedly referring me to a pain management ...but pain management office tells me it could still take a month or more to get an appt... Once they receive the referral. This has been going on for like 2months now & I still have no appt in sight. Otc pain relievers don't touch this extreme pain & neither does heat, cold, tens units or anything else. I'm bout to the end of my rope (so to speak) cuz I've literally tried everything I can to ease this excruciating pain that's really driving me crazy. I wish u much luck getting pain relief treatment started. Just wanted you to know you aren't alone in the suffering.

Thank you so much meanoldtomcat . This is exactly it. It's not just the arthritis pain (which hurts but is manageable at least). It's the full body aching that's so hard for me. I also have a horrible bladder pain and face pain. I'm so sick of going to doctors, I want to scream. I don't understand how this is the best they can do. Sorry, just complaining. It's easier when it "hurts" where they can't see! They can look at my fingers and toes and say "oh yes, that is RA flare" and try to treat that but this other stuff, they seem to have a harder time dealing with (well me too!!!!).

I no exactly how u feel. They aren't doing ANYTHING at all to help my pain. I hurt in every single joint I have plus my bones, bladder, etc. I get frustrated cuz they don't get in any hurry to do anything

Yes yes and yes!!! On one hand I feel like a constant "complainer" but I truly don't understand what they expect me to do. Let me know if/when you find relief @meanoldtomcat!

Exactly... I feel the same way. Are we just suppose to stay miserable? OK keep in touch

In the meantime you could try self help for pain such as heat pads or ice packs, TENS machine etc.

The arthritis pain I can manage, it's the "other" stuff I have a hard time with. I should try some ice/heat though. Maybe better placed.

I'm 2mths out trying to get some pain relief myself &still have no appt to get into the pain management Dr. I've tried otc pain relievers of all sorts & heat &ice too...even tens unit doesn't help for me.

I should add, I think for me, it's that I'm still having a hard time slowing down. I've pushed for so long, it's hard. My mother tells me I just do too much, I'm expecting too much from my body. Maybe I just need some acceptance. I've already made plans to cut way back this fall but I'm looking at the stuff I'm "keeping" and wondering if even that is too much. Maybe expecting to go back to busy - just can never happen again and I need to deal with that.

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