I am waiting to see a specialist, the doctor believes i have sudden onset RA. I have to say i had no idea how disabling this condition can be.....agony. I am unable to get out of bed in the morning my joints have seized it takes me a good hour, i have to come down the stairs on my bottom. The doctor reckons it can take up to a month to get the specialist appointment. I am 3 weeks in already so fingers crossed. I have only been taking ibuprofen and this has not touched the pain, today he has said take 500mg co codamol and keep taking ibuprofen...i am not holding out much hope......3 weeks of severe disabling pain........horrid and depressing and very frustrating. Go to bed one night normal, then the next cant move......does it get better, how long do flare ups usually last for?

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Maybe you could ask for a stronger anti inflammatory than iboprufin there are many ask your gp, hopefully things will improve, my Ra came on v suddenly, I am doing well now.

Good luck, gina


I feel for you. This is exactly the same as happened to me when my baby was 3 months old. Has your GP given you a steroid injection? This should help with the inflammation and pain until you can see the specialist. Good luck xx



If you do get a stronger inflammatory, Naproxen or something similar make sure to also take meds to protect your stomach Lansoprazole or something to do that job.

I agree with Devette, a steroid injection will help til you get an appointment.

Good luck, let us know how you get on.



Hi, as said above a steroid injection from your GP might help - I have found it helped me within a couple of days, even though I've had RA for years I wasn't offered one. I had to ask

There are a multitude of medications they can prescribe to you so please don't loose heart.

I'm very stiff before getting out of bed so I have a few minutes stretching my legs out slowly and I find this helps me. Before I go downstairs I lean over the bannister for a couple of seconds which eases my back in. If you try doing these and they hurt too much, don't try them again.



Be sure you and the gp notes your symptoms before you get steroids as they may mask them and delay diagnosis. Good luck


Hi I have had a slow onset of RA with the odd sudden flare up but really feel for you being in such pain so fast. The only thing about having a steroid jab is that it may mask the symptoms if you get a consultation slot soon? Oral steroids maybe better for you as they don't stay in the system for as long and work equally quickly. As others have said ask for stronger pain relief - Naproxen and Tramadol perhaps? Good luck hope you get to see the rheumy soon and let us know how you get on. Tilda x


Hi there. It will get better! Chances are that you'll be among the majority who respond really well to the drugs and get the disease under control quickly. The pain relief in themeantime works best if you take it regularly, and also use ice Packs and heat pads as that helps a lot too. And hot showers in the mornings.


Hello, I was the same as Devette, being hit after the birth of my baby...

so. although I'm assuming you haven't just had a baby, mine was sudden also, just like you describe, every joint sore and stiff and in pain...

like Tilda mentions ans my Doctor confirmed, I wasn't given any steriods until I saw consultant as he wanted to see me before it was calmed down by them.

I had 7 weeks before seeing Consultant but when I did I was given the steroid injection there and then and by that night I could bend fingers and sleep on side again follwing a huge improvement in the following days...

What you are going through right now, was for me the worst time and since that first Consultant appointment things have only improved (I'm in remission now!)

As Polly says (helixhelix) chances are you will be the majority who respond well, the good (not good but you know what I mean) side to the sudden onset is that this way it will be diagnosed very early and studies show there is a higher chance of remission (although induced by medications).... also, catching it so early on then there is less chance of permanent damage being done...

your post sounds exactly how I was March 2011..

Also, I would ring hospital to check to see if they have an appointment for you, mistakes happen and after 3 weeks waiting I would have thought you would have recieved a letter by now???


Hi Missy, welcome to the site. I can only echo everyone else, in terms of getting better painkillers, when I was diagnosed I couldnt even cut up my own food, I was in so much pain. Painkillers dont necessarily make you able to do more with the joints, but you do feel less pain, and it is the scream out loud pain that is depressing. We are all in total understanding of what you are going through. We can all help support you when you really need to just let it all out, partners and friends and family dont always understand the pain and anguish like we do as you still look normal. Good luck, I would echo wiliby and chase the appointment up so you know it is in the system, mine had gone awry and I had to wait longer as a result!

Take care honey, and rest - Petra xxxx


18 yrs. ago I had sudden onset of RA. at work on a Friday, went blood doning on the way home, my 24th so no reason to connect the two. Woke up in early hrs. of the morning couldn't move. Hands and feet swollen knees so swollen couldnt see the knee cap, couldnt even tear a piecs of tissue off the roll.

The dr. diagnosed, initially, connective tissue disease, but did a blood test for RA, CRP and ESR. as soon as she got the results rang hosp. and said I needed to specialist URGENT. I had an appt. in 6 days. Dr gave steroid as soon as she got blood test back as a positive. Ask Gp for blood test a.s.a.p because when you see consultant you wont have to wait for him to do allthough I am sure he will do repeats.

Medication is so very good now many people continue to lead active lives wihout damage. Be gentle on yourself and don't fight it, Rest, stretch, rest etc.


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