Silly Me Part 2

Not only did I forget my blood tests yesterday, but I also completely forgot the chiropodist appt in the afternoon! Had to ring him at 5.45 to apologise and book a new appt. (fortunately he is also a friend).

Then putting on a new loo roll in the downstairs cloackroom, the inner bit shot out, knocked over my white duck with the yellow beak which promptly smashed on the tiled floor. (My cloackroom has a duck theme, in case you are wondering - or not).

Then when we got home later in the evening from the Jazz evening at the Church, my recliner seat was sticking out very slightly and I caught my foot on it, fell over, avoided smashing my head on the fireplace but wrenched my right wrist and shoulder, left thumb, and knees hit the deck with some force. I let out a yell which Himself totally ignored as he was dozing in his chair and complained I had woken him up! As if I did it deliberately.

Berry dog was most concerned as I sat there nursing my wrist and groaning.

At least some sympathy from the dog who sat in front of me with his head on one side and gazing at me with those lovely brown eyes.

I now ache all over including my back as I think I must have stiffened up to avoid hitting the fireplace.

I know I am tired but this is ridiculous. I have never forgotten two appts before. Am I heading for senility I wonder?

LavendarLady x

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No LL its called a blonde moment. I hope your not in too much pain my


Good Lord LL! Whats happening to you? Are you a lady of a certain age?

They say that makes you clumsy & forgetful, myself I am past the M stage, but my friends are mostly at the height of it so I have to listen to a lot of talk. :)

I hope your run of 'incidents is over and Christmas will be uneventful but happy.

I currently have a very painful jaw, totally new symptom, caused either by too many toffees/ or cellotape biting (sorry) think the old RA has damaged jaw hinge, laughingly, I am resting my jaw today!!!!!!

Stay safe honey,


Ps. Duck theme. mmmm! sounds good.

ps. Is your castle in South of England, anywhere near Oxford? (Can't believe I said 'Is your castle' Haha!



Hi Gina, No I am past the M stage as well. Castle is in Norfolk.

Sorry about your jaw - I have the same problem from time to time when one side or the other will stiffen up to the extent I cannot close my jaw that side, chew on it (which does make food eating difficult) and it creaks. My GP did say it was the ligaments which had stretched but it is also the RA as I never had that trouble before. Consultant confirmed it was the RA affecting the jaw hinge. Any moveable joint is affected by good old RA it seems.

Don't know what was the matter with me yesterday apart from being very tired and brewing up yet another cold! Love LL x



Unfortunate events always happens in 3's,- the 2 missed appts and the fall, makes up your 3. So that should be it for a while.

Hope you are not too badly injured and recover in time for christmas

Take care,

Sci x


These things happen! The worst I ever had (and probably the only time I can remember getting times wrong) was somehow mixing up times and missing a birthday party (quad biking) that my son was invited to last year! We arrived as the session was ending, and I felt so bad as he had really been looking forward to it! Paid for it for days...

Hopefully the aching and stiffness from the fall are easing up...xx


Hi all, still very stiff and everything still hurts. Hope it will ease off in the next day or so. Also now in the grip of a full blown cold and sore throat (which may be why I was so forgetful on Tuesday) and had a bad night tossing and turning as couldn't get comfortable at all.

Enbrel today + another nurofen so hoping that will do the trick. LavendarLady x


I think you have been busy and your brain got overloaded lol xxx


Was referring to the missed appointments.. hope that cold quickly goes!

Take care xx


Hi Summer, yes better today. Sore throat has almost gone - just a twinge now. Stil sneezing a lot but don't feel quite so woolly headed as I did.

Have a good holiday. LL x


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