Who's a silly billy!!!!!!

Having rested all day yesterday, couldn't do anything. Husband and i went out for a meal. It was lovely evening so we sat outside enjoying the evening sun. Beautiful sky and just right for warmth. Two pints of ice cold diet coke lovely. Came home and got ready for a bath, having spoke to son through facebook, went upstairs and ran the bath. Went to get in and fell in. Bange my elbow and jolted my whole body. I couldn't get comfy in bed and at three thirty this morning i gave up and came downstairs. My body feels like its been put through the ringer. I ache, everything is sore. My joints are swollen and thick,sore.

Well lovely people i'll keep this short and now having to spend a sacond day resting,i'll go and enjoy the sun.

Sylvia. x

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  • Sylvi you are a walking accdent ??. hope you are ok?. firstly have you got a bath board?.. grip rail? and a non slip bath mat.. more haste less speed..

    I find I get more clumsy if I am tired and I bet the heat has sapped you.. bet you have some good bruises .

    I had some stuff from physio at work . rest is important. but with too much we can stiffen and lose more mobiltiy it is a difficult one.

    Example in case I normally get up 6.30/7am and take my time getting out of bed /etc.

    Last night went out to see a band , late!!, and woke at 8.30 horror was so stiff had trouble getting out of bed.. literally shows lying in bed stiffens me up!


  • Alison, i have a bath board but hardly ever use it. I can usually get in without too much trouble,not last night though. I don't have a rail on the bathroom wall. Might have to consider that one.

    Who did you go and see last night and were they good. I assume they were as you got up late today and stiff. I am a walking disaster area, i think i got complacent and didn't think. I know my body stopped me yesterday, but i think it wanted me to take more rest and its my bodys way of making me stop. So here i am listening to me body and i'm not doing anything today.

    Have you got an electric bed, we have and they are wonderful things. They can be raised both head and foot and we wouldn't be without ours.

    Sylvia. xx

  • Oh Sylvia I do hope your feeling better today, you don't have much luck on that front do you?

    The electric bed sounds wonderful, a little like the hospital ones they operate in that way.

    Must be lovely talking to your son, I do hope he's getting on ok.

    Take care today

    mand xx

  • Oh dear Sylvi, you are in the wars!

    The hot weather has had me wiped out and clumsier than normal:-(

    I went out for a meal with visiting family on Friday night - I dropped a glass, knocked over a small vase with a flower in it and in trying to pick up the pepper sent the set flying! I decided not to venture down the stairs to the toilets - had visions of taking a tumble, not at all dignified!

    My joints swell in temps above 75 degrees and also in high humidity - and we had both for 4 days running. The night times have been stifling so I'm glad to find it a few degrees cooler here in the north today with a gusty wind:-)

    Cece x

  • I'm wiped out by the heat. My hands are very thick, and they get very hot and i keep putting them in a bowl of cold water in an effort to cool them down. I've been down hospital today to see pscycholist about my treatment for fibro. My score on the depression and anxiety are lower than they were when i was first diagnosed which is a good thing. Not low enough to get out of treatment yet. We will see how it comes out later.

    I'm sitting indoors with the fan on trying to cool down. I haven't opened the doors at the moment. I haven't been able to do anything since i went out saturday morning, don't know why. Haven't had the energy to do anything. Don't know if over the last few weeks i've done too much and i'm paying for it now. I'll just have to rest and wait for it to pass. If i'm to rest you'll all get fed up with me and my blogging, if nothing else i'll make you laugh one way or another.

    Sylvia. xx

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