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What to call this blog,have no idea

As you all know back in august i had my eyes cauterised to keep the water in my eyes to stop them drying out. I had my follow up appointment on friday and i got the all clear for my eyes. It has stopped the dry eyes,and i would reccomend it to anyone. I'm still having trouble with my eyes, but it is not due to my eyes. I've now got to look at another reason why they puff up and are dark and sometimes very sore. I've been told it could be a side effect of drugs or my ra/fibro causing the problem. Another question to ask when i'm next at gps.

I was at the hospital also to see the shrink as well,and i was having a bit of a bad time. She has advised that i try to get my knee sorted out. It is still not right 2yrs after i had it done. I think its the root cause of my depression. So when i go to the gps i'm to ask for a referral to see a consultant about it.

I also had blood test done and i put my form in to see the ot. It was a busy day on friday.

My hubby is not getting as well as he would like. Its hard to explain to him that he has been very ill. He is still getting pain and indegestion. He can;t eat much still, He gets a bit frustrated with himself. He is a lot better than when he was admitted. He is seeing the gp next friday so we'll see what he has to say.

It is now 6.14am and i've been down here since midnight. I've had some sleep but not as much as i would like. I've had a lot of pain in my knees and hands. Can't do a lot about it so here i am writing to you all.

I get so fed up with the fireworks that keep going of until late in the night. It feels like they were being let off right outsid of my bedroom window they were that loud.

Thats it from me today,i think i'll go and make a cup of tea.


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Poor Sylvi, what a time you have had. sorry to hear hubby is still not feeling too good but it will take time. I do find that men who are not used to being ill do want to run before they can walk and end up doing more harm to themselves. He really just has to be patient - it is slow progress but there will be an end in sight and he will begin to feel better soon.

Glad you are going to get that old knee sorted out - 2 years is a long time to have to put up with it when it should have been sorted out before.

Are you on hydroxychlorquine by any chance? that can cause trouble with the eyes. I had to come off it mainly because it didn't do anything for me but did cause eye problems which cleared up a few months afterwards.

Cauterising the eyes sounds terrible! If my eyes are dry, I use something like Viscotears which does help keep them moist (I have mild Sjorgens which causes dry eyes and mouth).

Hope you will feel better soon. Get those hands into hot and cold water alternately - that does help. Have you tried hot wax treatments? Bliss.

Something warm for your knees as well - I find a hot water bottle wrapped in a towel or my lavendar teddy which I heat up in the microwave, works wonders when my knees are painful. cold packs if they are swollen.

LavendarLady x


Hi, the eye op wasn't too bad after i got over the shock of having injection in my right eye to numb it,i had a lovely black eye. The op itself was over in minutes and i didn't feel a thing. The secret is to keep very still. I have a wax bath i'll have to dig it out. Its hard work just to look after ourselves isn't it. I wish life was a lot easier than it is,but never mind we are only given what we can cope with.

He thinks he is invincable that his trouble he has looked after me all this time and he doesn't like it that we are fussing over him.

My daughter has just put the yorkshire in the oven for lunch. I have to say she is turning into a very good cook.

Sylvia. xx


hi Sylvi

sorry to hear that alls still not well with you and yours, it seems to take more out of us as we get older, and Lvavader is right when she says men rush at it too soon, and they also don't know how to explain whats wrong with them. I know my hubs sometimes can't explain symptoms thinking they're too obscure.

please keep on the tack with your knee, my sister has a hip and knee problem and she is really suffering with depression, she takes prozac like sweeties; she is seeing a counciller ut I worry for her.

happy Sunday all




Tricia,thanks for your message,how are you getting on,i read your blog the other day.Are you getting about a bit better now. I'm not on prozac but i'm on certraline for depression and amytrptaline as well. I don't blame you for being worried thats a serious drug she is on. The best bit of news about your sister is she is getting help. I'm very tired now and i'm supposed to be going out this afternoon but don't know if i feel up to going.

Take care.


Hi Sylvi, great news about your eye op. Was it because the tear ducts were blocked and so not draining properly? Sorry to hear about your hubby that's men for you always in a rush to get better and not listening to sound advice. Hope you enjoyed your lunch sounds lovely. Take care xx


Treesha, no the tear ducts were not blocked,quite the opposite. I have dry eyes and they itched like hell. They were blocked up deliberatly to keep my eyes fluid. It has worked very well to be honest. My optician is very pleased with them.

Hubby really is not getting on as well as he should do after the massive dose of antibiotics he has had.He has got up this morning unable to eat or drink anything. He has now said that he is starting to come out of it and is trying a cup of tea,but we are still going to ring gp to see what his take on what is happening with him. We are a right pair of old crocks. I'm in a lot of pain this morning with my joints. It is very damp here and is starting to rain,which doesn't do me any favours. I have to take my engagement and eternity rings of as my hands are sore and swollen.

Lunch was very nice as usual,i'm really proud of how my daughter has managed to help her dad in this way by taking over cooking the sunay lunch.



HOpe your eyes get better soon Slyvia - your treatment sounds horrendous, i can't imagine how awful if must be to get injected in the eye.


The injection in the eye to numb them was worse than the cauterisation. Had i known what he was going to do i could have stayed still.


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