Just a quickie - just saying how it is.. Might be useful to someone - might not

I have woken up this morning, or not as the case may be, after a rather unsettled night. My limbs are on fire, I feel like someone has bashed me on the head and neck with a sledge hammer (but I have checked me jewel box and its all there and in tact so we haven't been burgled) Old RH has got up and gone, I vaguely remembering him saying goodbye, (lovely man).

Despite all this, I don't feel sorry for myself and I feel like I know what to do.

I have a really really painful throat (which I think is the cause of my malaise)

But do you know what - I feel in control - I shall spring into action if I get any worse, I know what my options are and I feel like I know that to do.

I am not going to worry about the mucky hall carpet, the windows need cleaning, and the kitchen floor could do with a wash but... it can wait.

This feels so good.. now aint; that daft when my body is doing it's best to make me feel depressed... ya bugger.. I am getting the hang of this...

:-) :-):-)

So...... see you on the Christmas Tree (one of my Dad's favourite sayings - but I never knew what he meant - answers on a post card!)

Tara for now.. Julie xxx

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  • Aww just left you a message on you other blog…glad your still positive, but feel for you & hope you feel better soon.

    Much love xxx

  • Thanks Steph, read your message too thanks you

    Julie xxx

  • Hi Julie, doesn't sound right me saying that's good but I'm sure you know where I'm coming from!

    Acceptance is a very big thing in RA and by accepting it helps us move on and feel positive, you have gained so much knowledge over the months and now your putting it all into practice by not letting it get you down. Well done you.

    Still sorry your having a bad day today though.

    Take care and look after yourself has I'm sure you will.

    Mandy xx

  • Forgot to say, the Blogg! certainly useful! as it gives others the encouragement they need to face their RA and to face a day of pain and stiffness.If they read someone can do then they can too!!

    Mandy xx

  • Hi Mandy

    I know exactly what you mean. Have also looked at the site you refer to below. It's very good very helpful, can't understand why I haven't come across it before the number of times if have googled RA!

    Just had another real good snooze - not normally up this time of day. I m just resting myself, thanks for caring

    You take care too Julie xx

  • Good on you Julie, I am also learning to leave things...they'll get done eventually and hopefully by someone other than me ;) Hope you feel better soon throat and head wise xx

  • Thanks Jo, Just had almost a couple of hours real good sleep and pains are easing,but my blooming throat really hurts. My daughter has also just told me she went to her boyfriends home last night and his little sister has Chicken Pox, has had it all week, (this is the second time she has seen her this week) How do you rate the chances of me "touching the virus"?? I had chicken pox when I was 8?

    Have a good weekend love Julie xx

  • She'd have been contagious at least a couple days before the spots came out...if she's only seen her with them then chances are she won't have been around the virus but then again if she did then maybe that's why your feeling a bit rough. Is your daughter unwell too? I know they say you can get it more than once but would be surprised! If you're still dodgy on Mon see doc as bad throat and mtx might need checking out. I do tend to suffer more with sore throats since being on mtx, especially as my little man gets tonsillitis a lot :( Ho hum, we just get on with it though don't we!?! Take care, Jo xx

  • Hi Julie, know how you feel. Good for being so positive. I had a good night's sleep last night but woke up this morning feeling terrible and in a lot of pain. I don't think there is any joint that doesn't let me know there is something wrong with it. Also feel very down again. been to see the grandchildren this morning - Olivia just getting 2 new front teeth coming through. Hubby has unpacked all the shopping and put most of it away. Fed puppy dog and now will have some lunch and a nurofen after to see if that will settle things down. Big day tomorrow (anniversary) so don't want to be trailing around like a wet week! I think the damp and heavy rain has contributed to the aches. Sorry to hear about your sore throat. Try sucking an ice cube = it does reduce the inflammation and numbs the throat a bit. I always thought if you had chicken pox as a child, it was unlikely you would get it as an adult. Someone told me that years ago. I also find Strepsils throat sweets very good as well.

    Hope you will soon feel better. LavendarLady

  • So sorry Julie that you feel so ill but so happy that you are managing to keep positive, help me I need tips!

    I manage most off the time I just struggle at really bad times which lately seem to be too often.

    Take care and get plently of rest

    Julie x

  • Julie - I do make such a fuss as i know I don't have half the pain you do. I think it really is acceptance. It would be so easy for me to start feeling sorry for myself at the moment, but it won't get me anywhere. I know I need to rest, stop worrying, and thinking and concentrate on the fact that it will pass. It is so hard when everyone around you is getting on with their lives but there is sod all I can do about it... :-)

    You take care too Julie xx

  • god/ good your so positive well done.hope throat gets better soon x

  • Thanks Ali, hope all is ok with you I know you have a lot on your plate Speak soon

    Julie xx

  • Hi Julie, Paula mentioned a site earlier, webmed. I also use that site, another good one is;

    Though you might find it interesting.

    The link's not been working but if you type it in google you will find it no probs.When the main page comes up search ra and off you go. I find it great for all sorts of health issues.

    Mandy xx

  • Julie just a thought is it worth getting antibiotics to cover ? Theory being if you have a viral/ bacterial infection which is stimulting your antibodies immune system then it will aggravate the RA response ? I know antibiotics are only sposed to work for bacterial and your sore throat might be viral but when I had my anti body to platelets the doctors always tried to give me antibiotics quickly when I got sore throats etc to ensure the whole over active immune system thing got switched down as soon as poss. Also do they give Antibiotics for RA ? Oh I dont know prob talking gobbledy.

    fi xx

  • Yes I have to go to GP's Monday for my monthly blood test so I will see if I can see someone, if not I am going to ring my rheummy nurse. It is not so much sore as painful. Like razor blade down the one side of my throat and hurts to swallow. Yes I am presuming that the throat is causing the probs with my limbs, my knuckles are like footballs at the mo.

    Lol its not gobbledy :-)

    Take care

    Julie xx

  • I dont see it as any off us are worse than others, because I think at points in our RA journey we all have bad points and we just have to remeber we also have good points and make the most off them x


  • hope you dont get chicken pox.. think your contact has not been direct!!< but it can re present it self in adult hood as either chicken poc or shingles in adulthood. ar isk if on steriods and immumo suppressent drugs.

    as my comment somewere on site had chicken pox at 35 and was tad poorly!

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